Friday, April 8, 2011

Tooty What??

I don't know how I am only recently finding out about this song, but it is currently one of my 2yr old's favorite songs. We had gone to a circle time at our local library one morning and her teacher did this song and when we came home it was like an ear worm for a two year old. Now it seems every group we go to does this song and I can not get away from it. The funny thing is though it should have been around back when my eldest was 2..since she's only 4.

It appears to have been around for a while and you can find hip hop versions, reggae and the good old pop kind. You name the version she loves it! If you have a little one and don't know this song already be sure to check it out!


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I played this on your page and my older two started singing it!! What?! I never heard of this before!! LOL

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Oh my gosh this is so funny! My kids sang this in school last year and we all love this song LOL! Thanks for sharing it. They will be excited in the morning!
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Tenetia said...

this is crazy that i stumbled upon this post....i actually KNOW the guy who wrote this song!!! He is wonderfully talented!!! His name is Al Rasso, known to kids as "Mr. Al"....I taught dance to his daughter when I lived in Florida! I can't believe that it has made it's way to your 2 year old! AWESOME!!!!

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Tenetia said...


i don't think Mr. Al wrote a tooty ta song....but he did make it famous in his videos!!!