Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Biggest Loser Ups and Downs still!

Well if your a new follower you may not know that I have been trying to loose weight this year.  Back in January I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge with some other moms in my city.  The challenge ends at the end of this month!  I can not believe where the time has gone! I had been doing really well and then I do not know what happened, but I lost my dedication into it.  I ended  up one day cheating, eating foods that I should not have, then one day went to another and then another.

I honestly was not surprised though in the past I would just give up and say "forget about this weight loss".  Then I would get sick of my weight and start all over again.  This time I find I haven't waited and given up fully which is what I am happy about.  Maybe this is steps in the right direction?

Reality is I am not doing as much exercise as I should be or lack of any on many days.  Though I have been getting better at my eating habits and bringing new foods into my kitchen.  One big thing is that I have been eating more fruits and vegetables.  Yay!!  However, I still find I cheat sometimes when I shouldn't be eating at all.  Like after work when everyone is sleeping and I should not be eating.

Recently I got a book called the 17 day diet and it is a way to get rid of the extra sugars and white carbohydrates from your body and cravings.  I have been doing it a couple weeks now and my meat intake is chicken, turkey and fish and I can pretty much eat as much vegetables and some other good things.  Sure I find some days I have super huge cravings.  I also have to say YES I have cheated, but overall I am liking the change and finding I am not as tired and have more energy.    Though is it because of my food or because the weather is getting nicer??  I'll say it is because of the food as I need to believe that, but Mother Nature keep bringing the sun please :-)

Well I do have to say though, I think my husband is getting sick of fish..lol  I am going to search around for a few new recipes so hopefully this will as some excitement with the menu and I'll be sure to share if and what I found.

If you have any suggestions feel free to share :-)


michelle said...

hey; good for you for TRYING! Im sure its not easy! Hang in there girl! Visiting from BLog HOp!

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Keep up the good work - at least you're not giving up :) I am a new follower from the Tuesday blog hop. Check out my blog at http://reneeschirpings.blogspot.com

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