Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did you know??

Because tomorrow is such a jam packed day with it being Good Friday and Earth Day I decided to dedicate this weeks Did you know to one of those very topics!

I decided a few weeks back I was going to start educating myself in different areas every week and in turn share with my readers so that you as well will know hopefully learn something new.  This will be the second week that I am doing this and this week I decided to focus on Earth Day!!

First off for Canadians I did come across this great page for all Canadians to educate yourself about ways that you can better your lives and the environment.  Earth Day Canada is a one stop shop.  I even got myself a cute little widget that I have added to my page to remind myself and my readers!!  Be sure to check it out on my home page ;-).

Earth Day Canada is celebrating 20 years!!  How is it that I am only finding out about this great site and this is definitely a page to share.  Our future does depend on us taking care of the Earth and each other!!

Another great site is Earth Day Network.  This site had information on how you can take action and make a difference! As well tons of information on educating  yourself!  Another great site and definitely worth checking out.  They both also have Facebook pages and you can check them out on Twitter.  There really is no excuse why we all can not check out their information and educate ourselves.

We only have one Planet and if we do not take responsibility as individuals to take care of it we can not expect anyone else!

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Patricia said...

I am following you from Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life weekend blog hop. I entered your hop also. Follow me.

I make children clothes and am planning on switching to organic fabrics to help our Earth. I am also the member of a team called Children Are Our Future Team on Etsy. I pray that any of my efforts will be helpful for our children's future.