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Book Review& Giveaway: Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman

  • Paperback: 190 pages
  • Publisher: Booktrope Editions (July 24, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1620154641
  • ISBN-13: 978-1620154649

For every girl who wondered if she should love him or dump him..... For every girl who listened to her heart instead of her friends advice.... For every girl who l wondered if she was wasting her time dating that guy.... meet Hilary.... She had gotten used to dating the commitment-phobic Marc, thirteen years her senior. They had a great relationship--why rush into things? She saw no need to pressure him for marriage, believing that when the time was right, he would propose. But after they had been together for four years, their friends decided to take matters into their own hands, pushing Marc to propose and making Hilary realize how much she really did want to marry the man that she loved. Unfortunately, Marc still wasn't ready--and their friends' meddling in the form of a faux engagement party led to a disastrous New Year's Eve that brought their relationship to an inevitable turning point. For anyone who has ever dated a commitment-phobe, who has found their patience wearing thin with the one they love, or who has sat around wondering if he is ever going to pop the question while trying to remain the very picture of patience and grace, Hilary's humorous and honest story will hit home.

Meet the Author:  Hilary Grossman
Hi! I am Hilary!
I dated a guy so commitment-phobic that I was able to write a book about our relationship! I am also the CFO of a beverage alcohol importer and live on Long Island.
here are some random facts about me....
* I am a klutz... I walk into walls and fall off my shoes (flats too - not only the skyscraper heels)
* I have an unhealthy addiction to denim... Oh, and add shoes to my addiction list while you are at it please...
* I am the worst singer imaginable. When I was a waitress, I would get tipped extra not to sing happy birthday!
* I am a righty, but I can also write with my left hand. When I was little, I also taught myself how to write with my foot.
* I used to be a very shy and quiet girl....But, wow, did that ever change
* I love to laugh, and find humor in the every day
* My life long dream was to write a book. Now my dream is         a reality. I hope you like it!                                  XOXO,   Hilary

My Review:   I am one of the very very fortunate few people who met my soul mate at 20 and was married young enjoying our lives happily ever after.  That clarification being said I can still completely relate with many portions of this book.  Insecurities NEVER go away...they just adapt and while this doesn't mean you don't love or trust someone it really means you simply need reassurances sometimes.  I have my perfect match who knows my cycles of madness and is able to tame the wildness in me if my mind begins to wander just like the characters in Dangled Carat.  I found this book to be written extremely well and detailed above my normal reading materials.  I only got lost one time when switching between the current and a "flashback" memory but was able to reread the last paragraph and figure it out with ease.  I began this book 11 hours ago and while constantly interrupted was still able to finish it tonight.  I was enthralled and wanted to know if their relationship would make it with all the meddling friends and family.  I was also able to relate to the situation of the character Marc and see a perspective I hadn't before.  My husband has a friend EXACTLY like this and it was years before we met his girlfriend who is now luckily his wife.  At times we still continue to struggle to understand his reluctance to talk about anything in depth, but I am understanding through this book it isn't likely done to keep us at a distance, but is something he is just habit after so many years and they are hard to break.  

To be honest, I received this book for review and simply by the cover and overview wasn't overly excited to begin.  However, after reading it I am thankful I did.  Dangled Carat was a great read and kept me interested from start to finish.  Without a doubt I would read this book again.  

I give it a 5 out of 5 as it was such a vivid world and I felt a part of it.  well done!

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A Pinch of Nostalgia a Hint of Creativity a Load of Determination: The Ingredients to Writing a Successful Novel by Jessica Ashley Dafoe

While reflecting on my journey from intentional hopes of writing a novel to the end result of actually having it completed and ready for publishing, I've attempted to mentally note the ingredients needed to bring it all about. I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to writing, I'm not a grammatical genius, I don't have the intrinsic and unparalleled ability to write a whole work in iambic pentameter or sing-songy sonnets. Holden Caulfield, Elizabeth Bennet, Dorian Gray, my characters are not. But they are mine and are a representation of the facets of life that make me smile and motivate me, daily.

I enjoy finding humour in the everyday, in random situations such as the moment I fall face down on the subway stairs and the majority of the manic crowd scurries and hurdles around or over me, all aside from a young boy who helps me up with a cheeky grin on his face as if to say, "Get it together, lady." I brush off my ensemble, pick up my purse, thank him with a sheepish demeanor and swallow my pride, thankful that I didn't become a tread-marked victim.

I also incorporate emotion and am inspired by what I witness around me; A gentle exchange between a couple at an adjacent table to my own, tears shed over excitement or sadness in a given moment by a friend or acquaintance. I delve into my own experience and, just as an actor does when attempting to get into character, I find myself drawing on past moments in order to relate to the possible emotions experienced by my characters in a created scenario. It's through this vulnerability and by chucking the fear aside of revisiting possibly negative, emotionally charged moments that the best descriptions are created. The characters come to life and are made identifiable, made real. Fear masks creativity. Rip that mask off and just give 'er. Let go and create.
Of course the most pertinent ingredient which allowed this creative spark to result in a full manuscript involved one trait that often is a bit absent from my days, unless a sizable fire is lit under my, by times, lazy  and sizable backside. In the past, when expected to complete a task, of course determination is cranked to the max. However, when I have expected something of myself, ' fits and bursts that dwindle to nothingness' is the more appropriate way to describe its presence in my days.

Determination has been the key to the entire project. Of course some talent or skill is required, of course a creative spark and remaining in touch with experience is necessary, but without the big D, a project like this would be sunk before it ever began sailing.
Fearless determination with a hint of creativity, a pinch of nostalgia and perhaps a dab of wit, a titch of an appreciation for the lighter side of things, a smattering of zeal, a peppering of homegrown nuttiness and a talent with words; there you have it, the ingredients for a debut novel or any creative project YOU want to get underway.

It's all about the big D! (Get your minds out of the gutter, determination, determination, determination.)

Book Review and Giveaway: The Tantalizing Tale of a Bitter Sweetheart - Champagne Wishes and Cupcake Dreams by Jessica Ashley Dafoe

Successful, lucky in love, taking the world by storm?.....not quite. Portia Delaney is down on her luck, disgruntled in a deadend, mind- numbing career with little prospects and is not even close to finding a stimulating romance to take her mind off her lack-luster situation. Her defeatist attitude and unmistakable idiosyncrasies don't help much either. But with rock bottom comes a choice, lie down and enjoy the cold and barren ground beneath, or climb that ladder of success to the top. Portia finally sets out to do just that. With a fantastic group of friends and a bit of fateful circumstance on her side, she begins her trek up and out of the despair filled trenches. But Portia soon finds out that with success, often comes hardships and unwelcome competition.
Buy the Book:   Amazon

Jessica Ashley Dafoe resides in Toronto where she is an educator by day and a literary enthusiast and writer by night. She attained her BA in English Literature at The University of Ottawa and her B Ed at Brock and Queen’s University. 

When Jessica does not have her nose in a book or is not scribbling out her ideas for her newest tantalizing tales, she's most likely keeping busy trying out various exciting activities and delicious cuisine that the great city of Toronto has to offer or planning her next getaway to her immediate destination of choice. The travelling bug bites her often.

 A romantic comedy addict to the core, she enjoys all things silly, frivolous and emotionally endearing which is the reason she writes stories that encompass all of these qualities. 

 visit her blog

Review:    I am not a very fashion forward person and have never traveled to Europe, but figured that I would be able to relate to most of the story.  I enjoyed her characters exploration and self evolution.  I am also currently partaking on a similar journey (just not in fashion).  I loved the character of Nina and would embrace her as a friend too!  I liked how so many different women with such different backgrounds and interests were such a close knit group of gals.  I also could relate to the sad reality of one of the girls (Angelica) going sour and her life falling to pieces.  I think this book was well written and other then the errors in formatting (I am not certain it isn't simply the ebook translator or ereader I am using).  It would be a delightful read to anyone looking for a book on new beginnings.  I give this book a 3.5 out of 5.

Views expressed are those of Two Children and a Migraine and have not been influenced in anyway.  A review copy was supplied for review purposes and no compensation was received for this post.

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Writing pointers From Susan Daffron Author of Fuzzy Logic



Creating Animal Characters

by Susan Daffron

In reviews, many readers comment that the animals in my books are characters along with the human ones. Although I don't make the animals in my books "talk" because I loathe that concept in other books, I do make the animals behave in significantly different ways.

Anyone who as ever owned a dog or a cat knows that they have personalities. Every animal is different and I try to show that in my novels. For example, Fuzzy Logic, the second book in my series of Alpine Grove Romantic Comedies, includes two dogs that play key roles. One is a Samoyed named Swoosie. The other is a black Labrador retriever named Rosa.

Even though Swoosie is a furry white dog and Rosa is a sleek black dog, they are different in far more than just looks. Swoosie has many classic Samoyed traits. She is an extremely high-energy dog who is smart, stubborn, and used to having people fawn all over her. Rosa on the other hand is mellow and sweet, but not perhaps the sharpest tool in the shed.

When I develop my books, I take time to write out profiles of the canine and feline characters along with the human ones. Before I start writing, I know exactly how each animal will behave. In the case of Fuzzy Logic, it helps that I currently own a Samoyed and have had a mellow black lab in the past. So in the book, Swoosie is a lot like my dog Fiona, except probably a bit naughtier.

As with human characters, if you take a dog's basic personality and make it a little more extreme, it can be funny. So for example, although my dog Fiona tries to eat things she is not supposed to, she has never eaten half of the contents of a buffet table at a wedding like Swoosie does in Fuzzy Logic. (But then again, Fiona has never had such a glorious opportunity for badness either, so who knows?)

Because the critters play such pivotal roles, dogs and cats from the first book in the series, Chez Stinky appear in Fuzzy Logic too. (In fact, Linus, a large brown dog has a rather vocal fan base at this point.)

Readers can rest assured that Swoosie and Rosa will make at least a brief appearance in the third book as well. Alpine Grove is a small town and with only one dog boarding kennel, eventually most of the humans and canines are likely to meet.

Book Review and Giveaway: Fuzzy Logic by Susan C Daffron

 Librarian Jan Carpenter likes things just so. Nestled in her tidy little cottage on the outskirts of the small hamlet of Alpine Grove, she enjoys her quiet life with her friendly, rotund black lab, Rosa. 

Jan's orderly life is turned upside down when she attends her mother's latest wedding in San Diego. (Number six...or maybe seven, but who's counting?) There, Jan encounters Michael Lawson, the obnoxious neighbor kid from twenty years ago. He's still irritating, but not as annoying as his dog who has a habit of eating...everything. The last thing Jan wants to do is risk heartache on a vacation fling with a smooth-talking serial dater, even if he is sinfully gorgeous and finds her unusual ability to remember obscure facts fascinating. 

Amidst wardrobe destruction, canine digestive indiscretions, and episodes of extreme mortification, Jan's desire to avoid drama may put the brakes on her fiery attraction to Michael. But maybe being cautious and responsible isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Susan Daffron is the author of the Alpine Grove Romantic Comedies, a series of novels that feature residents of the small town of Alpine Grove and their various quirky dogs and cats. She is also an award-winning author of many nonfiction books, including several about pets and animal rescue. She lives in a small town in northern Idaho and shares her life with her husband, two dogs and a cat--the last three, all "rescues." You can read more about her at her website


The first thing that got my attention about Fuzzy Logic was that it was about a Librarian.  Yes I am a book nerd and work in the library system if you did not know already.  Then on top of it I am an animal lover.  Before even starting the book I was hoping that it would not disappoint and I am glad to say that it was GREAT! Susan writing talent shines through with how this entertaining and lovable story.  I loved it from start to finish and adored Jan and her crazy life.  She was such a great character and I would love working with her!  Without a doubt there wouldn't be any dull days, especially if her mom visits!  Looking forward to what my next read will be by Susan Daffron!!

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Views expressed are those of Two Children and a Migraine and not influenced in anyway.  A book was supplied for review purposes only and no compensation was received for this post.

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Book Review: Pulled Within by Marni Mann (Bar Harbor Book 2)

  • Series: The Bar Harbor Series
  • Paperback: 266 pages
  • Publisher: Booktrope Editions (September 12, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1620153688
  • ISBN-13: 978-1620153680

What happens when the one person who is supposed to love you unconditionally and protect you from pain is actually the source of your scars? 

Everything changed for Rae Ryan when Drew Stevens arrived in Bar Harbor. Saint, the man she really cared for, no longer wants anything to do with her and their rift ends up costing her job. With her best friend, Brady, dealing with his own darkness, Rae finds herself completely alone. 

Her world shifts further after a chance encounter with Hart, her first love who’s recently returned to town. Despite the agonizing ache she felt when he left her behind, the memories of their time together remind her of the lighter days. A time before she had her scars. But she’s not that carefree girl anymore-she’s hardened, damaged. She’s pulled within. 

Just as Rae starts to open her heart and let her emotions untangle and heal, she spots that terrifyingly familiar, rusty old pickup at the local tavern. Her nightmare from the past has returned-and she couldn’t be in a more vulnerable place to feel the pain he was capable of inflicting…


“Do you know what the rain is?” he asked.
I was curled in a ball in the corner of the couch. A candle flickered on the table. It was the only light in the house; we’d lost power from the storm. He’d even let me take the candle into the potty with me, but he told me not to flush. I kinda liked that. The noise the toilet made could be so loud and scary at night.
I pulled the blanket even tighter around me. “No…what is it?”
“It’s the tears from all the people who cried today. The sky pulls them out of all the tissues and sleeves and holds them up there until it’s full. Then, it comes raining down on us.”
A chill ran over me, covering my skin in tiny bumps as I remembered how mean the rain had gotten. It felt like our house had been shaking. “Why did the storm sound so angry?”
“The sky doesn’t just take tears; it also takes the sounds that people make. That yelling you did while you cried this afternoon came right back at us, didn’t it?”
I couldn’t control my temper sometimes. I wanted to. I tried really hard to. I just didn’t want Mommy to go to work because Darren got so sad whenever she left. And what made him sad, made me sad.
“So if I cry softly, it won’t thunder as much?”
“Come on over here, Rae.”
I glanced toward the rocking chair where he was sitting. The candle lit up his face and his open arms. With the blanket still around me, I tiptoed over to him. He pulled me onto his lap, tucking my legs into the side of the chair and wrapping his arms around me. We swayed back and forth.
“You’re a good girl. You have no reason to be shedding those tears, and especially no reason to be yelling like that.”
Back and forth.
Mommy said I was a strong girl, a smart girl. He always said I had the prettiest smile of all the girls he’d ever seen. Strong, pretty girls didn’t need to cry. Darren didn’t need to cry, either. I wanted to tell him that, but he was in his room. He was always in there. He said he didn’t like hanging out anywhere else in the house. He was so silly.
I stretched my hands out of the blanket and placed them on top of his. His knuckles were so rough and hard. Chapped like my lips after I cried. They held me tight, but it didn’t hurt.
“Rest your head on my chest and let’s see if we can get you to sleep. It’s past your bedtime, my good girl.”
I pressed my cheek against his shirt. It was soft. Much softer than his knuckles, and the hairs around his neck tickled my nose.
Back and forth.
“I want you to think of good things. Pretty things. No more rain tonight, only rainbows.”
His fingers moved out from under mine and he ran them through the loose strands of my hair. My eyes closed. My breathing slowed. His thumb dipped onto my neck, but the rest of his hand stayed in my hair.
Back and forth.
“You’re such a good girl, Rae.”
Back and forth.

About the Author: 

Best-selling Author Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When she's not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she's scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books. 

Visit her at:


My Review: I went into this book excited as I thoroughly enjoyed the first story about Drew and Justin.  I was left wanting more at the end of that book.  I picked this book up thinking it'd be a nice relaxing read like the last one.  I was surprised at the emotional roller coaster I rode on through this book.  I fell in love with Rae's strength before I even found out her story.  I was surprised she didn't end up with Brady as they seemed destined for each other.  

I am impressed with her smooth writing style and her descriptive scenes.  I was literally HEARTBROKEN and had tears when the climax of the story hit.  I thought Hart was an ok character but seemed lacking something.  He was in love with her from day one but allowed his parents to ship him off in the middle of the night and never looked back.  I don't buy that as easily as she fell for it.  I was shocked by the audacity of his mother to speak to any human in such disregard.  I must have been raise much differently and am proud to say I come from humble beginnings.  This book was a surprising read, but I loved every second of it from beginning to end.  I look forward to reading more of this series as the stories develop.  

I give this book a 5 out of 5. 

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Views expressed are those of Two Children and a Migraine and not influenced in anyway.  A book was supplied for review purposes only and no compensation was received for this post. 

Book Review: Pulled Beneath by Marni Mann (Bar Harbor Book 1)

  • Series: The Bar Harbor Series
  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Booktrope Editions (March 18, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1620152193
  • ISBN-13: 978-1620152195

What happens when you uncover years of secrets and find out everything you thought to be true was a lie? 

Drew Stevens finds her world turned upside down when her parents are brutally murdered. Soon after, she learns she inherited a property in Bar Harbor, Maine, from recently deceased grandparents that she believed had died when she was a baby. 

Drew travels north to settle her grandparents' estate, but finds more questions than answers as the truth starts unraveling. What she didn't expect to find was Saint, whose reputation is as tumultuous as his past. But the very thing that brings them together is the same thing that keeps them emotionally caged.  

With Saint's scars so deep and Drew's so fresh, can the pair heal from their painful wounds or will they be pulled beneath the darkness of their pasts?

About the Author: Marni Mann

Best-selling Author Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When she's not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she's scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books. 

My Review:  While I tend to typically lean towards paranormal romance books for my personal choice, every once in a while I am able to add a new contemporary romance book to my read list.  I found this book highly entertaining to read.  I really enjoyed all the extra defining moments for Drew.  I liked the added in little flashbacks to her parents past.  This book was so colourful and I was pulled beneath the pages (pun intended).  At times I wanted to be there swimming or simply sitting by the waterfront with a bottle.  I found the mystery of the small town to be intriguing and I kept waiting for the next plot twist to happen.  I loved the passion building between Justin and Drew.  I also like the dynamic of the troubled Brady and Rae.  I hope they are able to find a happily ever after in a book soon!  How Marni was able to switch from a tense traumatic time such as when she was driving down the street seeing her house taped off to a scene of such serenity on the waterfront flawlessly shows her skill in writing. I felt the emotions right along with Drew. 

 I give this book a 5 out of 5 and look forward to reading more from Marni.

Views expressed are those of Two Children and a Migraine and not influenced in anyway.  A book was supplied for review purposes only and no compensation was received for this post. 

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Book Review & Giveaway: How To Un-Marry a Millionaire by Billie Morton

RICKY HART wants to the get the hell out of small-town Arizona to escape the fate of generations of women in her family – a boring, nothing future.
Inspired by Basia Johnson, a penniless cook who married into the Johnson and Johnson fortune, Ricky sets in motion a plan to get inside a rich old man’s house. Once there, she will do the rest. She is twenty-two years old, blonde and unashamedly brazen.
And she is ready to make a deal with the Devil.
What she hasn’t counted on is seventy-year-old SANDFORD KEANE, the Arizona Copper King, a notorious sonofabitch with an agenda of his own, and a family with a long history of other ambitious wives.
One of them is SUZANNE NELSON-DRUMMOYNE-GRAFF-CARMEL, a serial marrier who has finally found love. Unfortunately it is not with her latest husband. At war with her mother-in-law, PHILIPPA, a legendary old viper and trophy wife of another era, Suzanne is thirty-seven and terrified that she is about to hit her “use-by” date.

From the richest enclaves of Connecticut and Manhattan to the wilds of the Arizona desert and New Mexico, the novel brings these women together on a raunchy, life-changing encounter that will make them question the roles they have chosen for
themselves, and the high price they have all paid to live the pampered life of a rich man’s wife.

Buy the Book:

Billie Morton is a British screenplay writer and film maker who originally set out to make documentaries about tribal life. Along the way she took a detour to California where she spent many years filming the natives and their social customs.

How To Un-Marry a Millionaire is her first novel. It was inspired by meeting young – and not so young – women across the globe all busily performing a colourful array of mating dances.  Some were dancing as fast as they could. Others were looking to take a little time and add love to the dream. And some were grabbing the microphone at the nearest karaoke bar to belt out Tina Turner’s classic – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

These were the ones she chose to write about from her new home in the rainforest of northern Australia. 


How To Un-Marry a Millionaire is without a doubt an enjoyable read and a great first novel.  The characters were larger then life and honestly so from anything like the life I lead so a great escape for a while.  Although, I do have to say that even though their life was nothing like mine, I do understand the feeling of questioning the path that one has chosen or the role that one is in a relationship.  I know personally I have thought that maybe money could make some situations in life easier, but after reading this book it is clear to see that money can cause its own problems and not always worth the headache.  I definitely would recommend this book and know once you pick it up you will not be let down!

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Views expressed are those of Two Children and a Migraine and have not been influenced in anyway.  A book was supplied for review purposes only and no compensation was received for this post.

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Book Review & Giveaway: Hidden in the Stars by Robin Caroll #50BookPledge

About the book: 

A quilt holds the secret to a killer still at large---and who his next victim will be.
Following an attack that killed her mother and stole her ability to speak, 21-year-old Sophia Montgomery has no choice but to accept her estranged grandmother's offer to return to their family home. Although detective Julian Frazier is working hard on the case, Sophia unknowingly frustrates him because her inability to speak thwarts her eyewitness evidence. The fact that Julian is undeniably attracted to Sophia doesn't help either, so Julian hides his feelings as concern for a trauma victim and focuses instead on finding the killer.
Little do they know, the clues to solving the case may be right in front of them, displayed in Sophia's mother's "special" quilt design. Who will realize the secret Sophia's unwittingly been hiding in plain sight? When the truth comes to light, will Sophia find her voice again? Or will the murderer---still at large---silence her forever?

About the Author: 

Robin Caroll is the author of 22 published novels. When she isn't writing, Robin spends time with her husband of 20-plus years, her three beautiful daughters and two handsome grandsons, and their character-filled pets at home in Little Rock, Arkansas. She gives back to the writing community by serving as conference director for ACFW. Her books have been named finalists in such contests as the Carol Award, HOLT Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, RT Reviewer's Choice Award, Bookseller's Best, and Book of the Year.


I have to admit when reading what Hidden in the Stars was about I was wondering how it would fit in with the Quilts of Love books.  I do enjoy books with suspense and crime, but I was unsure how it would fit in with what I was getting use to with these books.  I am happy to say it did not disappoint and in fact fit in quite well.  Sophia is such a strong character it was great to see even though she was feminine that did not mean in any way that she had to be weak.  What I enjoyed about Julian is that he was such a strong character as well, but he had a soft side to him.  He was able to feel and being a person of authority did not mean he could not feel.  I have to say I am hooked with the Quilts of Love books and look forward to what will come next!

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