Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Max and Ruby- Bunny Party Review

     Last weekend my husband and I took our two girls out to the theatre.  Well it wasn`t broadway or anything like that you have to remember our girls are ages 4 and 2 so ofcourse it has to be something to interest them.  We received some tickets to go see Max and Ruby in Toronto.  It was a musical called Bunny Party from Koba Entertainment.  This was not the first time we have taken the girls to a show, but I have to say the last time we went to it we left very disspointed.  It seemed that they did not have all of their props and we left thinking that we just wasted money on hour of crap. A complete waste!

So clearly it will not surprise you that I did not have high hopes for this Max and Ruby show.  I figured that it would be a fun time for the girls, but probably a few hours where my husband and I would be watching the clock waiting for it to end.  However, I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised by how fantastic the show was!

The time went by so fast and even had my husband and I participating in it.  It was not a show where you sit back and watch the whole time.  It did involve the children in it which is great as many children would not be able to sit through the whole show.  What I loved is that the stage show was just like you were watching the show on TV.  It did not disappoint in any area with props, costumes or entertainment. I would say if you have any small children and if this show is coming to your area it is worth your money and more!

As for my girls they loved the show and we spent the rest of the weekend with them asking when they could go back and see Max and Ruby again.  So now we will have to wait patiently for them to return to a city near us!

Disclosure:  I was provided tickets for myself and my family to see the show and review it for my readers.  The views are my own and I was not financially compensated for them.

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Lisa said...

Love Max & Ruby - great review! Stopping by from FBH and now following you!