Monday, July 22, 2013

Daughter of Jerusalem by Joan Wolf- Book Review

About the Book:

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.—One of Scripture’s most mysterious and often misunderstood women, Mary Magdalene, tells her story in her own words in the latest novel from prolific author Joan Wolf. In her new release, Daughter of Jerusalem, Wolf gives readers a fictionalized account of this complex, yet remarkable woman—and one of Jesus’ most faithful followers. Readers will love this first-person account of all that took Mary from her traumatic early life to eyewitness of the glory of the resurrection.
Mary Magdalene is famous for being a sinful woman. 

In Wolf’s account we see those sins as well as her triumph as Jesus’ beloved disciple. Cheated of an early love by her guardian, she is forced into marriage with a rich old man. Captivated by a Roman senator’s son, she turns away from her heritage and is almost permanently lost to the morality of the Jewish law. Then she meets Jesus of Nazareth. Is it true that he is the Messiah she has heard so much about? Can he really change her life? Is she good enough to be his disciple? Can he really be her Savior?
In Daughter of Jerusalem, New York Times best-selling Wolf skimps on no detail as she gives life to this fascinating yet mysterious woman. Readers will love seeing a living, breathing picture of the often misunderstood Mary—a woman who, though damaged, became Jesus’ friend while He walked the earth. Daughter of Jerusalem is told in three parts, each covering a different portion of Mary’s life. Readers will quickly identify with Mary, a flawed woman of deep faith who, in the end, used her wealth and influence to serve Jesus.

About the Author:

Joan Wolf has lived most of her adult life with her husband in Milford, Conn., where she raised two children and an assortment of horses, dogs, and cats. Along the way she also managed to write forty-six published novels, the writing of which profoundly enriched her life. Learn more about her online at

My Review:

People are attracted to books for many different reasons.  Working in a library I come across hundreds of books in a day.  For myself a cover is always the first part I notice and what attracts me to a book.  This was no different with Daughter of Jerusalem.  The cover is so vibrant and eye appealing!  I love the look of it and was excited when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing it.  My answer was of course YES!!

I have to say I have read books in the past that visually look good, have a great description and once I start reading the book I end up wondering how I ended up being so disappointed.  Personally I think nothing can be more disappointing to a reader.  I am pleased to say this was not the case with Joan Wolf's book!   I have to admit this is the first book I've read of Joans', but I can honestly say now I look forward to checking out her other novels.  It is no surprise why she is on the best seller list!  I was also equally surprised when I mentioned to a friend that I was going to be reviewing Daughter of Jerusalem and she informed me she was a huge fan of her previous books and had been looking at getting the latest one!

I loved this book and recommend it to everyone no matter if your Christian or not.  This book of biblical fiction is entertaining and such a great read.  If your looking at hosting a book club I guarantee this book with create a great discussion between members. 

Head on over to to get your copy and let me know what you think!