Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh how I love honestly!

I love doing crafts with my little ones and honestly that is one of my favorite gifts to buy for any children.  I know many people like to buy toys that they feel the children will LOVE as its their newest fad that they are in.  The way I see it though they come in as soon as they go and then you have so much of it you do not know what to do with it!

Reality is in my house is with two girls age 2 and 4 its pretty much obvious that if its pink and girly it is already in my house or will be sooner or later.  This is another reason I love to buy crafts, because I know someone else if going to be buying those things so there really is not a need for me to buy it.  Okay my kids and I may not have the favorite gift at the party, but I know the time that the parents spend with their children doing these crafts will mean more then anything else years from now.

Reality is that life is chaotic and we are so busy rushing from point A to point B that we forget about slowing down and just tuning out from the TV's, computers and game systems.  Of course I want to make sure that your coming by here daily ;-)  but other then that we should all slow down and appreciate each other more.  Children grow up so fast and this has been something parents have been saying for years.  Though with technology we seem to be loosing even more of that precious time.  Yes I am guilty of this as well.

Yes I know it is something as simple as a craft, but I know how much fun my children have when we are doing them (and honestly myself as well) I love sharing this with other people.  Not to mention the added benefits children will get from doing it year after year.

Educators say over and over how crafts can help with fine motor skills, socialization, motor skills and confidence but we forget how as children age this can turn into a hobby and help older children relax and unwind.  Plus if that was not more then enough, it honestly is just a bunch of fun for children and who doesn't love to see a child smile!!

I was looking through photos and found this one of them doing a craft 1.5 years ago....Where does the time go :-(

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Heather said...

Hi. NIce to meet you. I am stopping by from the hops.
I hope to join you next Friday, but I didn't put your button this time and I didn't want to cheat.

I was so good at crafts with the first three. Not so much with the last two. I guess I need to get back on it.