Saturday, April 9, 2011

#50 Book Pledge Review: The Notebook

I think almost everyone has heard about The Notebook one way or another.  They may not necessarily know that Nicolas Sparks is the Author of the book.  They may also not be aware that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams play the lead characters.  However, as I am Canadian and the two lead characters are from Canada I am I definitely not one of those.   I knew that this was a big movie for both of these actors, but I have to say I had no idea who the author of the book was.

This I find sad as if it was not for the author this love story would not exist and I would not be able to sit here right now and tell you about it.  I remember when it came out in theatres and my mother and sister went and saw it.  Then I heard other friends talking about it and saying the same thing that this movie was a must see.  Of course, because I am stubborn if everyone tells me I just have to do something, guess what I don't.  I am one of the last few it seems that gets around to it and then usually I'm mad that I did not listen and see it earlier. Ha Ha

This year my book club decided to read the novel and watch the movie to compare and contrast between the two.  We actually decided to do this every other month so stay tuned for my other reviews :-)  Reality was for those who had already seen the movie and then read the book we thought that something was missing from the book as the movie spends so much more time on the characters youth and courtship.  Whereas if you read the book and had not seen the movie it was the complete opposite.

 Maybe this leaves you confused on what you should do if you've read the book, should you watch the movie and vice versa.  I would definately recommend that if you have the opportunity to do both then do!  Neither one of them I thought was perfect, but when you do both they do compliment each other nicely.  The book I find allows you into the pain as though you are one of the characters or at least that this happened to someone you know and love.  The movie allows you to visually see everything and see different views from outside the narrator and gives you a new appreciation and understanding of the story.

Plus who doesn't love a good love story if not for any other reason check both out for that, just be sure to have your tissue handy!!

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I loved the movie, never read the book

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