Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did You know????

Since Canadians have an Election coming up next week I thought it would be important to do this weeks did you know towards that. I am sad to say that more Canadians tuned in to find out if Obama was going to be the next President of USA.

Do not get me wrong I fully understand how important that was for all people and how history was made. Though would it not be nice for history to be made in our OWN country?? I am the first to admit nothing is perfect in Canada, but if we do not all get out and vote how can we make any steps towards letting the government know how we feel.

Did you know that the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP all were graded F on promised government ethics reforms. Is that not great the 3 parties that normally lead the polls truly do not seem to care where as the Green Party was rated the best. Check it out here!

I don't know the way I was told is when you are applying for a job you want to put your best face forward and truly show how much you care and how much you want the job.

If you have not voted why not make this election your first.  If your not sure who to vote for I found this vote compass on CBC and it  uses questions to guide you towards you personal opinions.  For myself it was bang on :-)  Which is a good thing as I have already voted in the advance polls, so it would have sucked if I was in fact voting for a party I did not agree

So in the end if you DID NOT KNOW  hopefully you'll come across my blog hopefully you KNOW NOW that May 2nd 2011 Canada heads to the polls!  I really do not care who you vote for, its Canada's diversity that makes it such a great place (well one of the reasons ;-) ).  Just make sure you get out and take advantage of the right we have been Canadians and vote for the party of your choice!

MAY 2ND 2011


Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Great post! I can't believe the percentage of people who don't vote. I make a point of bringing my children with me every time I vote to teach them the importance of it!

Kimberly said...

the green party? they want to allow convicted criminals to vote. weird.
actually, I have not found a 'party' yet that I really like.
none of them promise 'a cure for migraines' and a 'house cleaning fairy'
I am always so stressed with decision making when the elections roll around