Friday, April 29, 2011

A day fit for Princesses

Today my 4 year old got to go to school as a princess. We have a wardrobe full of princess dresses that she clearly had her choice of what princess she wanted to be.  Honestly, I am starting to think there are more princess dresses in her closet then "normal" everyday clothes.

To say she was excited would be an understatement. The first thing she said when we got out of the vehicle at school was "Wow Mommy I have never seen so many princesses". She did not even say goodbye to her sister or I. As soon as we got near her school she was gone. She walked right in to mingle with her friends and never looked back at us again. :-(

So here I am now at home and getting ready to get to work like Cinderella. We have a house to get clean before my parents arrive this weekend. I'll have my fingers crossed that my fairy Godmother will appear soon to help me. However, something is telling me I am going to be on my own with this one.

Have a Happy Friday!


Nicole said...

That's cute!!! Were they doing that to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Jayda said...

Yes, they had the girls dress up as a princess and boys could be kings though when I had dropped her off I only saw 1 king there :-)