About me

Jayda T - Jayda started this blog to share her reviews of products and as well a place to come to to express her thoughts on many other topics that interest her.  She is the owner and editor, and has taken on writing jobs with The Knit Wit and organizing a local Ladies group for social activities to bring other local women together!  

With 2 girls, a hubby, a house to keep up, 2 dogs, a hermit crab and fish plus working full time outside of the house she never has a dull day.  She has worked many years in the travel industry and now finds herself surround by books, technology and eager to learn adults and children.  Originally from Saskatchewan she now lives in the GTA.  She loves traveling, reading, trying new foods, movies and music. 

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Additional Contributors:

Genevieve D - Genevieve is a happily married mother of a wildly exuberant and passionate child.  She is a natural leader while learning to juggle her family, career and true passions - reading, gourmet cooking and blogging.  Genevieve enjoys escaping into a great read.  She has a strong moral code and faith, and has been know for her forthcoming yet honest opinions. Originally from Seattle she has migrated east and is now residing in the Toronto area with her family and four dogs.

Her favourite saying "the concept is grasped, it's the execution that's a little elusive" Princess Amelie- Princess Diaries