Friday, March 16, 2012

House of Night Book Review: Marked

Yes it is that time again. Where I share one of the awesome books I have read lately.  Sad thing is all I have been doing lately is reading.  Which is why overall my blog has been a little slow.  I find I am drawn to books with series and it seems I find the book when the series is almost complete.  Then I can not pull myself from reading it as I have the rest of the books in the series waiting there for me to pick up and read.  Yes, I am that much of a book worm :-)

This is the first series ever that I have read by a mother daughter duo, not to mention the first time I have read any type of their work.  P.C. and Kristin Cast team up together to bring readers to a world outside of anything we know or rather we are too naive and blind to see what truly exists out there.  I don't know about you, but being a teen was hard.  Not only as teens are you trying to find out who you are you also need to determine what you are going to be when you grow up and if that wasn't enough your hormones are going berserk.  Plus you have boyfriend/girlfriend problems and your parents drive you crazy and do not understand you and I could keep going on really.  Now imagine dealing with all of that and then on a lousy day having a vampire show up out of nowhere and mark you and viola now your a vampire fledgling.  Talk about a crappy day or what?

Zoey Redbird is the main character in Marked and I have to say she is such loving character.  Shes got spunk and courage and comes across beautiful inside and out.  She has so much thrown at her in her new life at the House of Night (not to mention before) and by the authors writing it makes you wish in some way that you in fact had been marked instead.  Zoey does come across as a perfect girl, probably one of the girls that most would hate in high school.  Actually probably one of those girls many of us women would still hate as we grow up.  She is beautiful, smart and even someways a total goody goody.  She doesn't swear at all and even some of her vocabulary seems immature.  However, this if anything makes you realize its almost impossible to be able to know someone true self by looking at the outside packaging.  Her life is anything but perfect to a point where you are thankful she's got her looks because so many other things literally suck in her life.
I adore the concept of having a school for just vampire fledglings and no other students.  It brings a fresh look into the connotation that many of us believe and hold about vampires.  Having the students marked and then being "developed" into a perfect ideal of a vampire shouldn't be surprising, Humans do the exact some thing so why would not other "creatures" do the same thing.  Something else fun the others incorporated into the book was the hint that all the super talented and almost flawless humans we see plastered all over the TV's or magazines are not truly human.  I do not know about you, but this makes me feel a lot better about myself.  HaHa.

If your looking for any deep soul searching or trying to find the meaning for life then I would definitely suggest looking for another book or another series.  Marked is one of the books that you can sit back put your feet up and enjoy a few hours or more escaping into a world that seems so different from your own.  It is a fun read and has many characters that you'll love and probably just as many that you will dislike.  I definitely recommend checking out this series and I look forward to giving you my thoughts on the next book!  Do I think all my readers will like it?  Not at all, I know some may consider the book juvenile, but as for myself I live daily as an adult sometimes I find its fun to see the world through the eyes of our younger generation.

Happy Reading

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