Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bring #BirthCentres to Ontario and help save money!

Guest  Post from Canadian Blogger Little Miss Kate

Budget  cuts are in the news every day now.  In Canada we  value our health care system greatly, but the reality is that we spend  the majority of our budget on health care costs.

With all  the talk about saving money it is time to come up with innovative ways  to decrease our health spending.  One way to do that - Bring Birth Centres to  Ontario!

Ontario Needs Birth Centres as they will save us money:

  • Births  carried out by midwives (in a hospital) cost the health system less  than those by a doctor, the savings is far greater

  • Midwives support safe & normal birth leading to a reduction in the number of interventions

  • The  c-section rate of women are under the care of midwives is less than  half of the provincial average for doctors

  • Birth Centres will free up hospital resources to deal with the more complex cases

Want  to learn more visit the Ontario Midwives website or check  out  the Ontario Needs Birth Centres Brochure

What can YOU do?  Take action NOW!

Send  an e-postcard to let Premier Dalton  McGuinty to let him know you support birth centres

On Twitter? Why not send out a tweet showing your support, for example:

@Deb_Matthews  looking forward your transformation of #Ontario health care hope to see  @ontariomidwives #birthcentres


@Dalton_McGuinty  pls bring @ontariomidwives #birthcentres 2 #Ontario cut healthcare costs &  provide better care #onpoli

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