Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

Today's Tasty Tuesday is going to be a little different as todays is a quick and easy way to get some fresh food into your meals.  Guess What!  You do not even have any prep work with it!

I recently bought the President's Choice Broccoli slaw and loved it.   As Presidents choice says directly on their website:
"We’ve done all the prep work for you so you can enjoy fresh, nutritious vegetables in a matter of minutes. Our PC® Broccoli Slaw is a ready-to-serve blend of crisp shredded broccoli, carrots and red cabbage."
It is fabulous and a quick and easy salad to make all you need is your coleslaw dressing and if you are like me and would like to mix it up sometimes feel free to add some dried berries or seeds.  Normally the most common ingredients I have added are raisins and/or sunflower seeds, but have added almonds and cranberries as well.

You definitely do have time to add this into your weekly meal planning and its a nice way to mix up your meals this summer!

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Summy.B said...

It's so good! I've bought it a few times recently. So easy to make a quick salad for Lunch and so tasty!