Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring into SHAPE: Health Freedom Network Newsletter Review

When thinking about getting into Shape I think of it more then just working out.  To get my body as a whole healthier is the goal I have for myself.  Not only will it without a doubt make myself a happier person, this is somethig positive I would love my children to learn from me.

When I was given a chance to to review the first three months of the Health Freedom Network Newsletter.  I have to say I love reading information that is out side of the norm, because I find once you open yourself to hear both sides of a topic then you are really only then able to find out and make an informed decision.  The truth of course will lie somewhere between the two sides, but if you do not allow yourself to see both sides how are you to get to the truth!once

The newsletters  I was able to read are full of information on natural health and wellness issues, alternative medicine and therapies, supplements, nutrition and so much more.  The editor has been features on the Kevin Trudeau Radio Show, syndicated nationally by this world-famous health expert.

In each issue you'll find experts in various aspects of health, wellness, and alternative medicine discussing their views.  You'll also find information about how nature provides for our well being.

I do not know about you, but I always a little cautious on when I have to take medication.  Sometimes you hear about the side effects and wonder whats worse.  Then on another side you hear that we are over medicating ourselves that these disease and illnesses are becoming immune to the medication.  If this happens do we not just go back a million steps in healthcare?

In the first three months of the newsletter you find out about some natural remedies for cold and flu (many of which you probably already have heard of).  Some of the natural remedies listed were Vitamin D, Oil or Oregano, Zinc, Mullein, Licorice or Thyme Tea and even Brandy.  I have heard of some of these remedies, but not all.  I have also heard of friends saying that a work out helps them fighting off a cold.  So much for the bottled medicines in the store that sometimes work.  I personally love the fact that I have different avenues to look at.  Especially since you can not get cold medicine for children under age 5 anymore over the counter.  The way I see it if my children can not take it, then why should I.

I am a big believer in all of the new supplements benefits of Omega 3 in your diet.  This we have recently introduced into our 2 year old daughters diet.  She suffers from eczema and we had done the prescription steroid creams and they really made no difference on her skin and we hated the fact knowing we were putting steroids all over her body.  She gets it literally head to toe and decided after a while as the creams and lotions were helping her greatly that we would stop and try to find alternative ways to help her.

Recently someone recommended adding a Omega 3 vitamin into her diet and I have to say her skin is so much better then it has been.  It is not 100%, but the results we have seen from this is so much better in a short time, then anything the doctor has been recommending for her.

There is another article about how Turmeric has been found to actively fight and kill cancer cells, reduce the risk of Breast cancer and now colon cancer.  Apple Cider Vinegar I remember was very popular years ago for weigh-loss, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Vinegar itself i great for so many other things other then just weigh-loss and I bet you did not realize just how much!  Did you know that Cell Phones alter brain cell activity?  This does not surprise me as anything that has radiation clearly is going to affect us....not always in a good way.  Plus the next time you see someone having a beer did you know if you use it to wash your hair just how shiny and how much body you'll gain.  I would not recommend taking that person`s beer though but getting your own new bottle.

There is truly interesting information in the newsletters for everyone and on a wide range of topics as I showed just a little bit of above.  They have a wide range of contributors and experts who bring their views to the newsletters and give an interesting and educational read for all.

They publish a newsletter every month and are always looking for new writers so if you know someone that would be perfect for the newsletter be sure to pass it on.  I definitely do recommend everyone to check them out and become more informed about the world around us!

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