Thursday, June 16, 2011

Did You know????

Did you know that my daughter only has two weeks left until school is done??!  Wow, someone please tell me where the time has gone?  I honestly can not believe how fast the time goes once you have children.  This is the period of my life when I would not mind it dragging on, but it seems to zoom on by! 

Tuesday she came home from school and as we were in he car driving home she says to me "Mommy, Jordan is 5, Cassia is 5 and Julia is 5.  I want to be 5 too." The children that are in JK and SK at my daughters school have a separate school yard that they play in at recess.  As the SK students will be in Grade one next year they have started letting them do recess in the other school yard and that means some of her friends are not going to be around for recess for the remainder of the year.  Of course all of the girls she mentioned will be, but clearly she is worried that they are all going to leave her behind :-( Plus she mentioned that the teachers have been talking about classes switching.  This has to do with them getting ready in advance for next year.  I know it is a part of growing up, but it just breaks my heart that shes sad about her friends going. 

My eldest will be starting SK in the fall and no longer be the youngest in the school and on the opposite side my 2 year old will be old enough to start preschool.  So really what I am going to do with myself.  HaHa!

Tomorrow she has her graduation at school and it is my husbands birthday so we are all heading over to her school tomorrow for the certificate ceremony!  Busy and exciting day for us tomorrow

Now I have summer holidays to figure out what we are going to do!

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