Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vampire Academy Book Review

If your a fan of Fantasy books then I definitely have another great series that I just read that I want to tell you about!  Honestly, even if you are not a fan of Fantasy books I believe you will like this series anyways.  It deals with love, friendship, soul searching, action and has strong women characters in the novel.  For myself personally I saw the series as a cross between Twilight, True Blood and Harry Potter.  HaHa I know bet thats got you wondering! :-)   I love all of those series though if you are like me and read them you truly know how different each are. 

The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead currently had 6 books out and the first in the series is called Vampire Academy.  This novel is about two best friends Rose who is a Dhampir (half vampire/half human) and Lissa who is a Moroi (mortal vampire).  Not only are they best friends, but Rose had been training to become a guardian and she is hoping to become her best friends guardian.  A Guardians job in the world is to protect Moroi vampires and their number one motto is "They Come First".  This means that Rose will have to put the Moroi vampire she is guarding above all else in her life, even her own heart.  The girls have been on the run from their duties and life at St Vladimir's Academy which is their boarding school that they had been attending.  Once captured the girls are brought back to the boarding school where they are in great danger.  Though the true mystery is figuring out if their girls are more of a threat to themselves or is it the outside threats where their worry should lie. 

Along the journey to stay alive both girls are tempted constantly back at school.  Their positions in their society involve a lot of partying and late night rituals that are to remain a secret.  While trying to stay safe and most importantly alive both girls are trying to find safe venues to finish off their school year.  However, even though they try to stay off the radar both girls end up finding love in the wrong place and now have a struggle to deal with their forbidden love on top of everything else.

The novel is narrated through Rose who does it both in her own voice and through Lissa's eyes.  Their personalities are as different as night and day, but having Rose as the narrator allows all aspects of the story to be an entertaining read.  Rose is a very strong female character and with her sassy and smart ass attitude it will definitely have you laughing.  Although you will learn how important it is not to judge someone by what you view on the outside, because no matter how strong Rose seems you learn how truly fragile she is inside.  This novel not only allows you to follow through the journey with the girls, but allows you to learn more about the world that they live within.  Their society is so different from the world us humans know, but you learn how these two world are happening in conjunction with one another.

Although the novel is a young adult read I love that Richelle Mead does not make the books something that us older women won't enjoy.  Although my high-school days are long over it is fun to read through a story that deals with many similar topics that anyone that goes through high-school will go through all along with the excitement of unknown areas.  

If you are looking for a new read I definitely recommend to check out this book!  I adored the book and could not wait to dive into the next one!
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