Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frostbite Book Review

Frostbite is the second book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.  Frostbite continues through the journeys of Rose Hathaway who is the half vampire half human Guardian in training and her best friend Lissa who is a Moroi vampire.  This book takes the reader through the high and lows of Rose's love life.  You get to experience just how beautiful and strong she is to the men around in her life.  Not to mention you feel sorry for Rose and you learn more about how awkward the bond between the two girls can be.  Rose gets pulled multiple times into Lissa head at the most inconvenient time, while Lissa and her boyfriend, Christian, are getting intimate.  My favorite part though is any section that involves her gorgeous trainer Dimitri.  Richelle Mead's makes Dimitri seem like the "perfect" man or the man that would be in my children's fairy tale books.  Though at the same time you learn that he is not perfect by any means, though this makes you love his character even more.  He is a character that truly seems beautiful inside and out.

If you are looking for more then love there is definitely enough action and fighting in this story for all.  As there are multiple attacks from Strigoi (the made vampires) this makes the girls school, St. Vladimir's, to be put on high alert.  Multiple Guardians are being brought in to watch the school and the students within it.  Even Guardian legends are being brought in including Janine Hathaway who is Rose's mother.  Dhampir women, which is what Rose is, have pretty much two paths to follow.  They either have families and raise children or become Guardians.  However, any Dhampir who raises a family is looked down upon versus the Dhampir who choose to fight and protect the Moroi Vampires as Guardians are seen more as superior in their society.  Janine Hathaway, Roses mother, choose to become a Guardian therefore she "choose" the Moroi over her own daughter.  To say that these two had a strained relationship is being generous.  Though as much as Rose feels she is not like her mother it is impressive how similar the two of them really are.  This allows the reader to think about the age old question nature vs nurture.

Though through all that is happening around Rose it does not compare at all to the danger that Rose and her friends are going to run into.  When a few of her friends decide that they are going to fight the Strigoi on their own.  This causes Rose to go after them as she is wanting to protect them. You realize under the tough shell Rose shows everyone underneath her heart is just as breakable as any human girl. 

As I mentioned in the first book I absolutely adore this series and the series just keeps getting better and better.  Although it is a young fiction series it is still one that moms like me can read and enjoy as well and younger women.  The reader gets to experience a world that is so different from the world that we know, yet so similar at the same time.

If you are looking for your next great read then Frostbite is the book for you!

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