Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Help Book Review

If you are looking at reading a fictional book, that could very much a non fiction book then you will want to check out The Help By Kathryn Stockett.  The story talks about black servants working in white household in the southern United States back in the 1960's.  These servants do the jobs that today many of us women do in our own household without any question at all.  Though back in the 1960's these servants cleaned the white woman's home, made their food, washed their clothes and helped raise their children.  Though the white families looked down on these servants and saw them as below them to the point where they were not even allowed to use the same bathroom inside the home that they spent all their time cleaning.

Though you realize when reading the books the times were starting to change and you realize that not all white women wanted to treat their servants as something below them.  Though taking a stand is so not something that can be done easily, especially by women in a society that was very male dominated.  Though this is something that Miss Skeeter ends up doing and with the help of many of the servants within the town she lives in.  She begins to work with these women to create a book about the lives of these different black servants that she sees and even about her own experiences as well.  However, if anyone were to find out what these women are doing then their lives will be in jeopardy.

Through the process of writing the novel you learn the hardships that these servants truly had to go through.  Not to mention the daily task of cleaning someones house and taking care of their children and knowing the whole time you are there that they thought little of you.  However, leaving work and heading home was not an escape that many of us now seek in homes.  Heading home for many of these women they have to deal with daily reminders that they are alone, about children that have been taken away from them due to their colour or dealing with abuse from their partners or so much other chaos and suffering of daily life.

This book takes you through a journey of life that many different women are going through in diverse areas in their lives, but in the end you realize truly how strong each of them are in their own way.  I felt reading this book truly gives you a new appreciation for what we have in our own lives and as a gentle reminder that it could always be worse, but also that we do have such more to grow as women and as a society as a whole!

If you are interested in reading book about our history though done on an entertaining journey that Kathryn Stockett has made The Help then you definitely must read this book!


*Disclosure: views are 100% my own and no items were received for review purposes. I just love to share the wealth :-) 

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