Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

 As I have said many times before on here I love trying new things and introducing new things to my family and those around me.  I come by it honestly as my mom is very much that way as well.  It is actually because of her that I am introducing this ingredient to you!  Today I decided against a complete recipe, because there are so many great stir-fry recipes out there and this ingredient can be incorporated into any of them.

I love making stir-fry, but I am always looking at additional ways to spice it up.  While my parents were down in the spring we went shopping into one of my local Asian supermarket.  I was (and still am) looking for ways to cut down the amount of grains that we eat in a day and she had mentioned yam noodles (Shirataki) and suggested we try them.

We did and I honestly say they did take a bit of getting use to, but my kids like them and thats all that matters.  It took a bit more time for myself to get use to it, but then again I have many more years of eating starch then my kiddos.

So the next time your going to make a stir fry rather then pulling out your regular rice or noodles that you use.  Why not get yourself some yam noodles.

To cook with them the first thing you need to do is drain the noodles from the liquid they come in and chop them up.  You'll fry them to rid of the remaining liquid and voila you add them into the meat, tofu or veggies you have already prepared. I usually cook it for a little bit more so they have some "bathing" time with the other food. The Yam noodles have a firmer consistency then traditional noodles I make, but like tofu, I find they take on the surrounding seasoning or tastes of the food you cook with.

We made our stir-fry here with eggplant, green and red peppers, chicken, mushrooms and seasoning  I usually as well cook the veggies and meats in a low sodium broth.


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Judy Haughton-James said...

This looks good. I notice you mentioned yam noodles. I have never come across them but we do have yams in Jamaica so maybe they do exist here. I will definitely look out for them. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.