Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Biggest Loser Ups and Downs

I am happy to say I am on the way...I've started doing the Challenge and have my head hopefully focused in the right direction!  I say hopefully because as it has only been a few days I have already have ups and downs.  Like everything in life I was expecting this so ofcourse it was so big suprise for me at all.  They say everything that happens in life is a learning experience and this is definately the case on both my ups and downs. 

I have figured out one weakness for me right now is evenings when everyone is in bed and I get home from work.  If I was totally drained and could go to bed as soon as I get home that would be perfect.  Reality is I am not and it takes some time for me to wind down.  I normally will watch a show I have missed or if I have some books I'll start reading.  I have been eating my supper before I go to work about 430pm and I know I am not hungry when I come home, but why does that darn voice in my head not agree.  I have told myself if I find I am hungry or craving something then it will be a fruit or vegetable, but reality is that has not been the case yet.  Reality is today is another day and I am hoping I would be stronger then that voice!

On a positive note I have started out working out again.  Although it has not what I have planned, it is better then nothing.  My plan is to go after I drop my eldest at school and workout for the morning.  This has not been happening as I end up having errands I have to do or my little one sleeps in so I have to come back after taking my eldest to school to get the little one ready for the day.  Then as I am home I can not force myself to go out in the cold again. Today I did a work out video and my two year old decided she was going to do it with me!  I guess not making to the gym is not totally bad as I would have missed out on this moment.

The best part though out of it all is that I am writing down everything that I eat.  Which works great for me as with doing this as I went to write down my lunch yesterday I realized I had not eaten anything myself yet.  It was not that I ate and did not take the time to write down.  I just did not eat!  I had the kids fed, lunch put together for my eldest, youngest had her snack.  Then with all the other things that always seem to need to be done I forgot about making sure I ate.  This I know is totally not healthy and I know I need to focus a bit more on myself and make sure its the good food I am eating.  Though most importantly making sure that I eat something!!

So today I worked out, ate all meals and wrote everything down.  The hard part is once I go to work, what will happen once I get home.  Tonight I hope will be the better night!

"Julius Erving: If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end."

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katychick said...

YOU can do it- I just started a weight loss blog for myself too, so I can get focused-