Monday, January 17, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge:Will I be the biggest Loser??

Well this is a bit delayed but I promised myself I would blog over the next couple of months about my Biggest Loser Challenge that I am in.  I got "offcially" weighed in a week ago this past Sunday and I am using my blog as another way to be accountable for my part in it.

So here are the details of it:  Myself and some other moms that I know from  Moms Club that I run in my city are having a challenge who can loose the highest % of weight by the end of the challenge (May 1st).  We all had to put in $25.00 and the winner at the end will receive the cash.

Honestly the money would be great, but loosing weight is on a higher scale for me then the money!  We are meeting every two weeks and have a group set up for chatting and for support.  Sounds Great doesn't it??

Then why am I having such an issue getting motivated to get start.  It has nothing to do with I don't know I need to loose weight and get in shape.  It also has nothing to do with that  it is too much work.  Anyone who has children I personally think can handle anything.  I just keep procrastinating.  Every day I say tomorrow will be the day and tomorrow comes and then I say it again.

I have been so drained lately and been having back aches and headaches so much that its getting past the point of putting it off anymore.  My issue is that I have stopped working out and instead of working out and helping to get rid of the stress of life.  I am keeping it literally all on my shoulders!

Today I went shopping and stocked up on fruit and vegetables.  Tomorrow as I take my eldest to school I am going to continue down the street and spend my morning at the gym.  Yes, I know I am putting it off from today again.  Procrastinating...  Although the difference is that I have written it down and although I may be my own worst enemy.  I have commited to doing this to my blog world.  If I am not good at anything at all I am good at keeping my word.

So here is to the Biggest Loser Challenge and my mission on becoming healthier and over coming that voice in my head that wants me to fail.

"When you’re running and that voice in your head that starts saying to you, “slow down, your ankles are hurting” tries to get you to stop, that’s when you keep on running and breakthrough.
When you learn to defeat that person inside that tries to get you to stop, you can defeat anything that stands in front of you. Anything that’s blocking your way toward your true purpose, destination and goal." 

-Will Smith

(Thanks to my friend Sherri who made me aware of this quote)

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Tiffany said...

Way to go Jayda! I'm having the same issue with motivation. I know that I have to do it, but just can't see to get my butt in gear. Thursday is my goal since I'm getting wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and tonight is Cubs with Alex. If I feel better from the teeth pulling on Wednesday, I will go then, if not then Thursday for sure!