Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge-Two weeks in...

So I have been in the Biggest Loser Challenge for just over two weeks now.  Yes if you have been following along the first week was not so much fun and my dedication was almost non existent.  I have to say though as the time is going on it is getting better.  My self control is one thing that has improved dramatically.  Yay for self control ;-)

I am so impressed by the women that are in the challenge with all of the support and results we have seen this far into the challenge.  We as a group have lost 40 pounds!!!  That is pretty much the weight of my 4year old!!!

The third week is not starting off as great as I would have hoped as Monday My 2year old was sick with a fever and was wanting mommy all day and then today we were woken up by my 4year old wanting to throw up.  So workouts have not been happening, but I have been watching what I am eating.  Better then nothing the way I see it!!

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