Monday, August 2, 2010


So its been a crazy busy long weekend! I am slowly getting ready for our vacation next week and getting the house ready for my sister who is coming to watch the kids and dogs, along with that it was our anniversary long weekend. If things are not crazy enough our dogs got out of the yard Friday morning and after 1.5 hrs searching for them with my two little ones with me and having my eldest sing "where are my doggies, I miss my doggies" as we are driving around. Needless to say when someone showed up at my house who had found them I was a balling baby.

We live close to a very busy street and my two dogs ended up crossing the street to go to a farm that happens to be positioned in the middle of the city. So out a place but a hidden blessing for my family as my dogs went for the horses and the owners ended up getting them and putting them in a stable!

My little one is not so good with strangers and this was a blessing in disguise that it was this family who found them. I have a 20 pound dog and a 50 pound dog. Most people are scared of the big one and go to pick up my small one....which is never a good idea as he'd bite as my one vet said he's got insecurity issues :-)

Well everyone is home and healthy and on another happy note I am going to announce the winner of my Mabel's Labels giveaway!!

Congrats to :MelissaStuff She was lucky comment #80 that was picked by I'll be contacting her by email as as the rules stated she has 72hrs to respond before a new winner is picked!

I hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Monday!

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