Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ontario Attractions Review: African Lion Safari

I recently spent the day at African Lion Safari with my sister who was visiting from Saskatoon and my two girls, ages 2 and 4. I had been there before, but this was the first time with the children being old enough that we could spend more then a few hours in the park without having to be concerned about them needing a nap.

I was a bit worried since it was a Sunday during summer holidays and I know from going to some other parks in the summer, there are so many people that you spend half the day waiting in long line-ups and you do not have much fun at all. This was not the case on this visit. I was impressed with how many options there was at the Mombasa Market Restaurant for food and drinks and how quick the staff was. This made the day so much easier and we experienced much more than just line-ups!

We started with the Elephant Swim and this was adorable. The girls were thrilled to see the baby elephants playing in the water. They wanted to partake in the experience so the next stop was the water park- Misumu Bay Wet Play area. This has to be one of the best water parks I have ever been to. There were so many options for sprayers, pools of water and slides. The children would have been content to spend the whole day there, but were unaware what else the park had in store for them.

The park also has a scenic train ride that you can view the animals and some of the beautiful nature that surrounds the area. Plus if you want to check it out by water, there is a boat option aboard the African Queen.

On top of those tours there were additional educational shows with birds and elephants. It was beautiful to see all the different animals, yes even the fruit bat looked cute from afar :-). My youngest absolutely adored the goats in the petting zoo @ Pets Corner.

The kids got to play around on the equipment @ Jungle Playground to run off some steam before we went and traveled through the game reserves to see all the wild animals roaming free. Being able to watch the animals without wire between you is an experience in itself! We took our vehicle but there is an option for a fee to use their Safari Tour Bus. In the past the monkeys were all over the vehicles but the staff made sure people didn’t feed them during this visit.

This was one of the best days that we spent this summer and it was even better that we saved some money using the Attractions Ontario $2 off e-coupon at admission! During the summer months prices are: Adult (13-59) $29.95, Seniors (60+) $27.95, Children (3-12) $24.95

This is definitely a must see for all ages if you are coming to visit Ontario or if you are a resident.

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