Friday, August 26, 2011

Fabulous Musical Friday!!

Okay I have to admit this song I became FULLY aware of thanks to TWILIGHT!!!  Yes I know it is a classic and how is it that I knew nothing before.  I'll make an excuse that I live a sheltered life haha!  Well I am sorry to everyone, but hey I guess better late then never.

This song and the rest of piano pieces from the original Twilight movie is one of the main reasons my now 4 yr old decided to play piano!  She heard the songs on the soundtrack and would ask for me to put them on over and over.  At first we would have a conversation about why no one was singing and I would answer "because this music sounds beautiful without anyone singing".  After a while she would tell me why they were beautiful whenever they would come on. 

So who cares if the acting might have been off in the original movie, clearly the music made up for what the movie lacked.  My daughter is now going to be starting her second year of Piano this fall with Music for Young Children!!

See being a Twilight fan does have benefits ;-)

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