Saturday, August 27, 2011

Disney's The Lion King

Today was a fun day for my family and I as we got to go and see the classic Disney movie The Lion King.  I was super excited to see this as it is a classic movie from my youth that I was able to go and experience with my children.

I have to say this movie has the best music and characters!  Even though I have seen it many times I was singing the songs in my seat.  Really can you go wrong with the catchy beats from songs like Hakuna Matata, Circle of Life and I Just Can't Wait to Be King.

The great thing is I appreciate all the actors that are in it a bit more.  Now I am old enough to know and know who they are.  Did you know that Rowan Atkinson is Zazu, Pumba is Nathan Lane and even Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Matthew Broderick and so many more make up the great voices we hear in the movie.

I loved the 3D animation in the movie  It was a nice touch to bring back a classic movie but was not overdone.  There are so many movies that are redone and I am happy that the story line and everything with in the original did not change. 

Be sure to head out to theaters next month when the movie comes out and do not delay as it will be for just a limited time!!  Then you can head out to stores and buy it on Blu-Ray to enjoy for years to come!

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