Friday, July 15, 2011

Deal of the Day: Free Gourmet Burger Cookbook

Its hot outside and what tastes better on a hot summer day then a fresh homemade burger on your BBQ.  If you are like me a love to try new creations then you will love the offer that Red Robin has.  Right now they are offering a FREE cookbook you can download.  It includes 50 recipes for gourmet burgers from kids across the country and as well some back to school safety tips as a bonus! 

I am looking forward to trying out these recipes the next time we are making burgers!

Download your own copy HERE


Finding Charm said...

Thank you for posting! I've got some hamburger to use up so I'll be browsing through this.

Jayda said...

My pleasure....let me know how it turns out :-)

Shannon said...

New follower on GFC!