Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Review: LJ Smiths Night World Series

Well in all honestly I have to admit that this book has been out for many years and I have just recently found out about it.  Truly had it not been for The Vampire Diaries I may not have known about this author who many know her as LJ Smith.  The first book in the Night World series was published back in 1996, but it has been recently re-released and then I came across it with the new release.

This series has in total 9 books, but with the re-release they are lumped into 3 different series.  They are easy to read and although each story is different from the one before it carries on various running themes.  The basic of the series is its about humans, vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, witches.  If you love romance, or better yet forbidden romance then you definitely need to check out this series.  Each book contains its own forbidden love story and the dangerous part for many of these lovers is that their love is against the law by the night world and punishable by death.  Many of the characters try to fight against the love they have found, but there is only so much that you can do when you find your soul mate!!

I adored these books I honestly saw it as a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The stories of lovers from two different worlds Night World and Day World and truly how they are working trying to make the world we know a better place so that they can live freely with their soul mate.

After completing this book over the weekend I happened to see that it had said the finale for the series would be coming soon.  Of course, I went to see if I could get the final book only to find that there is so much controversy from avid readers of this series.  The basic point is that the final book has yet to be completed.  Which means some readers who read the book back in the 90's are still waiting for the final book.  I found this alone to speak loudly about the series.  If people are actually upset and have been waiting all these years then the books must be good.  So it is not just me that loved it :-)

If you have not read the Night world series yet then I recommend checking the out.  The rumoured relase date for the final book has been from now up until 2014.  So atleast you will not have to wait as long as some fans!  Though I believe if it is anything like her other books it will be well worth the wait!

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