Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who would have thought!

Okay, So I tend to think I am not technically challenged.  However, with starting up this blog I am starting to re-think that : -)  I am loving that this is a whole new ball park for me and an area that I am NOT familiar with.  It challenging, confusing and in all lots of fun.  I just hope in the end you and I will both be pleased with the end result of this blog!  Thanks for coming to join me on my journey of being a blogging mom and I can`t wait to find out what else I am going to learn down this road!!


Shairbearg said...

I am thinking you are right LOL! You know I love you anyways :) Hee hee, but I like what you've done with place

Jayda said...

Ya, Im noticing some glitches that have been occurring like for instance i had to re do network blogger on facebook and then just now on here it wasnt updating until I added another as long as it changes :-)