Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer!!!

Today is officially my favorite day of the year!  I know being the first day of summer it doesn't signify that the weather will be nice or anything like that.  Last year we had a pretty mild summer, which payed off come Winter as that was mild as well!!  The reason I am now picking June 21st as my favorite day (until further notice) is because it is the longest!!! Since having children that seems to be the one thing I need a lot more of and I am thankful to Mother Nature and all that had a part in giving me more time.

I truly appreciate it and I hope today is the day when I get all my "tasks' completed :-)


Shairbearg said...

Welll if you get all your tasks completed, let me know I have some you can do at my place!

stash mama said...

Whoo hoo I am following you now! Cute blog! I would loove a follow back ;) Check me out here!
Stash Mama