Monday, June 28, 2010

Who am I to judge?

So yesterday as the family was grocery shopping I was with my youngest and we were buying some corn on the cob.  The kids LOVE eating this and since its cheaper this time of year I am happy to buy it til they decide they don't want it anymore. :-)
     Strange as it may seem as Im cleaning off the tusks off the corn I had a epiphany. Although I would like more money would I be willing to give up moments like this.  Moments of peace with my children doing things that many aren't able to do.  I would truly miss little moments like this that I probably take for granted now.
Having money and being famous is not the same as it was years ago.  Every move one makes or doesn't make seems to captured for all to see without permission.  The worse the picture is the more it will sell and how sad is that.
     A few weeks back I won tickets and went with a friend of mine to see Christina Aguilera perform on the Today Show in NYC.  I am not a huge fan, but I have say after listening to her perform in person I do like her a whole lot better. Here we are snapping away taking photos and then of course checking after to see what our pictures looked like....deleting all the bad ones.  Not so much the case for the Paparazzi beside us.  With never seeing anything like this I was in awe as soon as she stepped out on the stage their cameras were up taking photos, not stopping at all. One of us then made a comment that here we are deleting the bad pictures only keeping the good ones and yet there they are probably hoping for a bad picture of her along with the good cause we all know what will sell better.
    When I got home I was taking to a rep at the radio station that I won from and made a comment about the pictures and he commented on the same saying that they'll find a picture with her with bloodshot eyes and a whole story will come out about her (or any star) on drugs or that they were drinking all night.  Not knowing what she was actually doing the night before or realizing what time she was up for the performance.  I personally have to say I had bloodshot eyes and it was because I was going on less then three hours of sleep and yes I still had them on my flight home as the customs agent commented on them.  That is a story in itself LOL!
     Today I was reading an article about Robert Pattinson and it was commenting on how he sits, criticizing his posture and stating something along the lines with being a superstar hes got to own it and hold his head up high.  Okay, so let me get this straight hes a superstar in part by the role he plays and by who he is as well.  So he should change things about himself to become the stereotype of what the media/society thinks he should be.  Is that the best we can find that he doesn't sit up properly?
     Lastly Justin Bieber.  No I am not a fan but remember when I was a little girl and probably would have been a fan of his back in the day.  Last time I checked he was still a kid, a kid who got famous so fast and at the same time has people that hate and annoyed by him to the point where constantly put him down or say words about him I can not believe.
     Okay, in case anyone does not know I am not a professional in the stars industry.  I am just a mom thinking ahead as you never know that could be one of my children going through this.  As well I am thinking about the moms of these stars and what they have to see and hear being said about their children.  I have to say that I am saddened by our society and what we think goes a long with the price of fame.  Why is it that when someone is doing nothing wrong we have to pick at the littlest things in order to make a story.
      We are so desperate to put a title on everything and ask those who are famous to be perfect, when we are not.  It is like purposely we are looking for them to fail.  Is it just me or does something seem wrong with that?  Especially knowing that so many people, including our own children, may look up to them.


pam said...

I agree! Justin B is just a young kid and for whatever reason has achieved great things, for a kid from Stratford ON!

KLZ said...

Oh, I so do not want to be famous. Independently wealthy...perhaps.