Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Okay I need to come clean....

Okay since everyone is getting to know me here on this blog, I felt there is something you all should know.  I'm a TWIMOM. :-)  Okay so I didn't start out this way....I had a lot of friends who had watched Twilight and I had totally refused to, I knew nothing about the books, the movie, the actors...nothing at all.  Then I happened to go on a holiday with my daughters and visit my family in Saskatchewan.  Well ofcourse not being at home I had a break from the normal home chores that I usually do at nap time.  So I happened to turn on their movie network and saw Twilight was just starting so I watched it.  Since then I have been hooked!!

 I read and loved all the books and a great thing about this is I loved reading and hadn't ever seemed to find time...NOW I make time to read (and yes I read more then the twilight series).  My little ones are so intrigued seeing me reading now and most of all my 3yr old is impressed my book has no pictures (which I wished it had haha).  I have seen the movies up to date and on June 29th I am going with a group of girl friends to the Triple Screening at the theater.  I can say all my friends are all just as excited as me, we are all moms and can't remember the last time we did something like this.  We get to feel young again (and hope we don't fall asleep after the second show hehe).

I honestly tell everyone if you haven't read the books, YOU MUST.  I thought I was too cool for them and look what I had missed out on.  I could have fallen back in love with reading a long time ago instead of just now.

Oh and in case you wondered...I am all about Team Edward (but I can appreciate Jacob)!!!


allthingsnew said...

Tried to leave a comment on your Sunday post...did you get it? I got an error code :(

allthingsnew said...

Nope...that means you didn't. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my site and leaving such a nice comment! I'm so impressed that you have gotten up in running in such a short time :) I'm new too, and I'm still scared to do some of the things you're doing! Feeling inspired now :)

Following you on GFC & Networked Blogs now. Thanks again for visiting and hope you win something in one of the giveaways from the Low Entry Lowdown!

Stephanie- Ten Talents

Shairbearg said...

I have to say that reading rocks. I enjoy reading and make the time to read whenever possible. I think it is important for the girls to see you read as it will teach them a love for reading too. Oh and it is best that mommy has a break every once in a while too.

Jayda said...

Thanks Stephanie for the sweet words but your right I didnt get the sunday comment. I guess that technology for you. Or maybe thats me with technology LOL

Shari I agree and its a nice change from reading books for children 3 and under. :-)