Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Book Series Just in Time for Summer! Come Get a Taste!

Check out an excerpt for the new book that will be reviewed on the blog today and be sure to enter the giveaway that will be happening in honor of it as well!  

The woman came off of the helicopter spouting orders like a sergeant at arms.   She had two agents with her and they worked at unloading the luggage as she shouted instructions at them, not to them, but at them.  Luggage.  That was it.  All that came off the helicopter was luggage. 
Greyson’s grin kept getting bigger and bigger as he watched her moving away from the landing pad, the men lugging her belongings along behind her.  He folded his arms across his chest, stood on both feet and though he tried not to grin, he just couldn’t help himself.  At least she had the good sense to dress for the out of doors, but what did she think she was going to sleep in?
“Oh, good,” she said as she approached him, “you’ve already set up our tent.”
“No, ma’am, I have not,” he said, smiling cordially.  “If you’ll point me in the direction of your tent, my men and I will be happy to set it up for you.  That tent over there would be for my men and I.”
“Not anymore.  You’ll have to figure something else out.”  She stood in front of him, as solid and unmoving as the mountains surrounding his meadow.
“I believe you’ve not understood what I said,” he smiled, his amusement beginning to show.
“Oh, I understand you just fine,” she smiled up at him cynically.  “You think that’s your tent, but as you can see, I don’t have one, so that one is mine.”
“Ah, I see, you work for the FBI.  That’s what the problem is.  However, in Alaska,” he said, with no small amount of enjoyment, “we work for what we have.  You Washington D.C. types…well, you’re used to just taking what you need, even when it’s not yours to take.  I’m afraid that won’t work around here.  Sorry.”  Then walking away from the stunned woman, he called over his shoulder, “Good luck with those sleeping arrangements. There’s probably room in the enclosure next to the casket, but those wood chips could be a problem.” 
If he’d had his hat on he would have tipped it at her, but as it was, he simply strolled casually to the tent and went inside.

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