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Book Review & Giveaway: Isolation by Denise R. Stephenson


Publisher: Mill City Press (April 15, 2014)Category: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Political Thriller, Medical ThrillerISBN: 13: 978-1-62652-760-7Tour Dates: June 15-July 30, 2014Available in: Print and ebook, 383 Pages

Isolation depicts a bleak but recognizable future in which the fear of contagion reaches a fever pitch as a bacterial epidemic catapults the US into an apocalyptic crisis.
Touch is outlawed. Mothers like Maggie bind their infants' hands, terrified they might slip fingers into mouths. Gary, a Sterilizer, uses robots to scour the infected, avoiding all contact with human flesh. Trevor, the Chief Enforcer, watches, eager to report any and all infractions.
One inadvertent touch will change all of their lives.

My review:  

As a novel Isolation would be a good read for someone who likes to put down a book and come back later.  If you are a reader that prefers those types of novels this would be well received as new stories always started up.  The issue I had for myself was that it seemed like about ten different short stories that were all left so open ended that when I was wanting closure it was not there.  I would get involved in the very detailed world and characters, and the next chapter would skip 10 years ahead with a small side note at what had happened with a new ban or something or that sort.  As a reader who loves to get immersed in the book I read and who loves not wanting to put a book down, I found this a bit confusing so I would need that break to fully grasp what happened or I felt as though I missed something.

 However, the topic itself is very entertaining and likely could be our future.  It left me feeling very anxious of the apocalyptic reality this book seemed to portray as coming while using real situations on today's news like GMOs and hand sanitizers everywhere.   Although a scary topic, it is one that appears as if it can be our reality, sooner than later.

I do recommend getting a copy for yourself as the topic of the book is interesting and appears as well researched!

About the Author: Denise R. Stephenson 


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