Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Think About More Then Yourself Please!

I am a very generous person. No I am not saying this to toot my own horn, but it helps to explain more behind the story I am about to tell. I work evenings outside of the home in a call center and yesterday we had a team potluck. Everyone was to bring in a dish and for mine I choose to bring in a vegetable platter. I try to make my own fruit and veggie platters if there is enough time and this occasion was no different. I use platters that I have gotten in the past from the grocery stores so it makes it easier to transport and arrange them in.

We had our meeting and we didn't get to eat til later in it, so this meant that some of us had to go back onto the phones and some had breaks where they could eat longer. I figured as I had to go back on the phones and others would be eating that I would leave my veggie platter for anyone who wanted some. My break was 1.5 hrs later and I figured by then everyone would be done and I could pack up my platter for home. What normally happens is that if someone cleans up after everything goes into our kitchen and people off our team or other people in the office can grab some food to eat.

Let me just say I was totally surprised to go into the kitchen to find that someone decided to take my entire veggie platter container and all its contents home with them. Honestly, I did not expect to have any to take home as you clearly hope all would get finished. However, clearly there were leftovers as someone decided that they would take everything EVEN THE CONTAINER. This completely disgusted me how someone would be so selfish with something that they did not even buy or bring in and decide that they decided they would get it over anyone else.

Believe me I do not care that people wanted to take some vegetables home, but I do care that someone was so selfish that they did not think that maybe someone outside of themselves might even want to take some. As well that they did not even think that maybe the person wanted the container back. Moving forward I have learned a valuable lesson if you go to a potluck and you would like your container back take your items when your done as ones generosity in turn feeds someones greed.

I know for some this may seem like a small thing, but what irritates me the most with how selfish some people are and it is sad that they may have children one day, if not already and this is something that they would teach future generations.  This is also not the first time with people being selfish and greedy.  I have had co workers who had their lunch in the fridge and people have stolen just parts of their lunch or even the entire lunch.  I just find it disgusting that grown adults in a work place, act this way towards one another.  I just hope who ever was looking at eating healthier at my expense has a good supper tonight as I guess its good to know I am able to feed my family and yours and I hope you reuse the platter since you must have liked it a lot to want it.

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