Monday, January 9, 2012

#50BookPledge 2012...My Favourite New Years Resolution!

With the start of the new year like many people I have New Years resolutions that I decide that I would like to achieve in the year and then 6 months later I either forgot about it or I was not meeting it so I was discouraged.  Sure like many loosing weigh year after year is one thing that seems to get added to my list of goals for the year.  Just the fact that I have to do it year after year clearly shows that I am not doing so well on that resolution.

This is why I loved the #50bookpledge.  It encouraged me to watch TV less and read more, which is a positive influence for my children.  It also was something that did not seem SO overwhelming.  Yes, 50 books sounded like a lot, but going into it last year I thought even if I could get halfway it was a step in the right direction.  I also loved how participating in the challenge also introduced me into other authors and genres I did not traditionally read.  I learned a lot more about myself as a read and more importantly it was a great way to relax. 

This year I am hoping to beat my target from last year.  Along with that I have A LOT of reviews to catch up on.  So I not only want to make sure I finished adding my reviews from all my 2011 read, but stay up to date with my 2012. 

If you are new to the challenge or looking for some books to read why not check out my list from last year!

My 2011 #50bookpledge

Happy Reading!!

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Yummy Boy Mummy said...

I haven't set a goal on how many books to read each year, but I do like to have one on hand at all times. I have been using Goodreads to help track what I've already read (including some I didn't like) & that really helps me with my library selections.