Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trend Micro Titanium 2012 Review

I have been a Bzz agent for quite some time, but with trying to jungle everything else in life I do not get a lot of opportunities to review items.  It seems by the time I see that they are looking the opportunity is already over!  I do use the internet daily and when the opportunity came up to review the Trend Micro Titanium I happened to be online at the right time and was accepted into the campaign.

So far I am loving the software it was easy to install and has been super easy to use with scanning my computer.  It also is quick at scanning which is an added bonus.  The software is current and up to date you you do not need to wait forever for your scan to take place. 

If you are looking at getting new software for your computer or if this is your first purchase I definitely recommend this product!  I have a year subscription so I will definitely let all of you know if my view of the product changes as the year goes on!

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