Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Del Monte Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Giveaway- 3 Winners

This year I have been opening my families eyes to fruits and vegetables that we have not tried before and not only are we finding that we are loving them it definitely is making us choose healthier for mealtimes.  It is no easy task though as there is always so much temptation out there.  However, I feel if adults lead by example and practice what we preach not only will our children eat better but society as a whole.

Del Monte Fresh Produce is doing just that with their |Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms" online contest.  Their goal is to get school children across North America to eat healthier.  Truly could there be anything better out there then a contest that benefits our children and their schools.

"Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms" encourages kindergarten thru 12th grade school teachers to incorporate healthy eating and living messages into classroom activities. Sixty teachers will win a total of $1,000 in cash to purchase school supplies and fresh fruit for their students. Several winners will also get a Del Monte Fresh® Field Day event for their school in which the entire student body will enjoy a day of Del Monte fresh fruit, games and fun activities.

To be eligible to win, teachers must register online, submit a short essay on how they will incorporate healthy eating and living messages into their lesson plans, then encourage all their fans to vote for them online. Ten winners will be selected each Monday for six consecutive weeks beginning October 3, 2011. Winners are based solely on the number of votes they receive. Winning teachers will receive $750 in cash to purchase school supplies and $250 in Del Monte® fresh fruit coupons for classroom fresh snacks and to use in fruit educational activities.

Winning North American schools will also be linked with schools in countries where Del Monte grows its fruit to help further the education of students by introducing them to another culture. Global schools will also receive $1,000 each for school supplies and improvements.

Become a fan of "Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms" on the Del Monte Fresh Produce Facebook and Twitter pages today to stay informed about contest news, coupons and Del Monte Fresh fruit giveaways.

To help you and your family eat healthier, I am offering you a chance to win one of three coupon packs worth $25 each ($5 coupons)


Lynchburg Coupon Mama said...

Red - Strawberries & Red Potatoes
Green - Apples & Broccoli
White - Apples & Mushrooms
Orange - Oranges & Sweet Potatoes
Yellow - Bananas & Squash
Blue/Purpe - Blueberries & Eggplant

Glogirl said...

I try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can but must admit I could do better!

April Christianson said...

We sure try to eat our fruits and vegetables, its a very hard thing to work into a diet that has been somewhat lacking. Maybe trying new ones is the way to go.

Katrina Brady said...

Red pepper
green grapes
yellow lemon
white asparagus
orange an orange

sweetpeg at gmail dot com

Sweet Panda said...

Red - cherries

Green - green pepper

White - onion

Orange - orange

Yellow - lemon

Blue and Purple - blueberries

sweetpanda2010 at gmail dot com

Shairbearg said...

red - strawberries
green - lettuce
white - cauliflower
orange - oranges
yellow - yellow peppers
blue and purple - grapes

Aeryn Lynne said...

red - apples
green - cucumber
white - sweet potatoes (sweeties)
orange - butternut squash
yellow - beans
blue and purple - plums

ksceviour said...

ksceviour at hotmail dot com

ksceviour said...

I think I did it

red..strawberries and red peppers
green..cucumbers and brocolli
white..mushrooms and potatoes
yellows and oranges..bananas and beans
blue and purple..bluberries and eggplant

hope I got it all right!
ksceviour at hotmail dot com

Ginger said...

Red Tomatoes
Green broccoli
white potatoes cauliflour
orange peppers and oranges
yellow beans peppers
blue blueberries
purple grapes

Cheryl said...

Red - Apple
Green - Broccoli
White - Cauliflower
Orange - Pepper
Yellow - Banana
Blue - Blueberry

carolwegs said...

Red -pepper
Green celery
White- onion
carolwegs at gmail dot com

Amy C said...

Red - apples
Green - broccoli
White - cauliflower
Orange - pumpkins
yellow - bananas
blue - blueberries

Anonymous said...


chemgirljaime said...

Red - strawberries
Green - spinach
White - califlower
Orange - orange peppers
Yellow - yellow peppers
Blue - blueberries


Romana said...


missbobloblaw said...

Red- strawberries
Green- spinach
White- cauliflower
Orange- oranges
Blue- blueberries

Glogirl said...

Updating my mandatory entry from Oct.6 as I couldn't see the question properly in the rafflecopter form:

Green-honeydew melon
Orange/Yellow group-cantaloupe
Blue/Purple group-plums

C Wilson said...

Yes I eat a lot of fruit and veggies


cacch 71 at gmail dot com

Tina said...

red - tomatoes
green - broccoli
white - mushrooms
orange/yellow - oranges
blue/purple - blueberries

tleesfb at yahoo dot ca

zaylyn said...


bigdisneyfan said...

Red pepper
green grapes
yellow lemon
white cauliflower
orange cantelope
Blue blueberries

Anonymous said...

Red - strwberries
Green - green beans
White - cauliflower
Orange - oranges
Yellow - banana
Blue/Purple - blueberries


Tinatchick said...

I don't but I should!
Red - apple
Green - asparagus
white - cauliflower
Orange - oranges
yellow - peppers
blue - blueberries