Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soccer Ball Light Review

I have to say I have never been a huge fan of Soccer (or Football depending where you live).  Nothing against the sport, but I was not in any way a kid that liked to play sports when I was younger.  I was shy  and was happier to play dolls then anything else.  One year I decided I wanted to play Soccer so I was taken to register and got to the place and did not know anyone and refused to go play.  I sat the entire lesson outside.  Needless to say that was the first and last time I ever went to my Soccer practice.
Now that I have kids I see how well loved the sport it and also how great it is for teaching children team playing, how to interact with others and most of all get them off the couches and out having some good old exercise.

I am always looking for fun and unique gifts to buy my children or give away as gifts.  I do have a price figure I want the items to stay within and this does not always make the task an easy thing.  This is why I absolutely fell in love with this 3D Soccer Ball Night Light.  Not only is it fun and unique, but it is definitely going to be loved by children no matter what their age.  This is a product you can give to someone who has just had a baby or as a gift for an older child.  The 3D Soccer Night Light is one item that through all their fads and stages of life I can guarantee will be a hit for their room!  I have a niece that is 10 and a Soccer player and I can say without a doubt she would love it just as much as my own children who are under 5. 

For under $20.00 you can buy this product and definitely be a hit.  I think it is awesome that your able to add something as simple as a sticker onto the wall to make it look like the Soccer ball has been kicked through the wall itself.  It truly looks so realistic.  However,  if you do not wish to apply the sticker you do not have to.  It still looks great on the way and supplies a decent amount of light so if your checking on your children you do not need to worry about turning on any other lights.

If this was not more then enough I love the fact that the product does have an option to be cordless.  I know when I am setting up my children's room that is one thing that drives me nuts.  Usually the cords are not long enough to reach where the outlets are so I have to rethink my setup.  Plus for safety reasons it is great that you do not need to worry about that extra hazard.  We all know cords seem to call small children towards them!  Plus it is great for the environment with its LED lights so you will use less than 0.45W per hour.  So even if your children like to turn their lights on during the day you do not need to worry about extra costs as this will save some money in your pocket!

Be sure to check out the product in your local Walmart Canada store or check it out online if you do not have a store near you.  Be sure to fan their page on Facebook  and check out all the cool design ideas for incorporating the product into your home!!  I know you will love it!

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