Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rough Day..

Today was a day that I would have been fine if it did not happen.  The reason why is I can not stand my children being sick and feeling so helpless to do anything.  My 2 yr old woke up in the night which she has not done for quite some time and that was the first hint that something was not right.  Needless to say 5:30am came and she was waking up in my bed and was getting sick.

Yup the flu is in my house again!  Just when I thought we were done it seems someone thought it would be a good joke.  This is the worst that she has been sick this year too.  Even with Gravol she has gotten sick a few times since.  I felt so bad earlier she was asking to eat a banana like her big sister was and I so wanted to give it to her, but knew it would make her sicker then what she was.

I had to work tonight and the funny thing is that my boss says tell me something good that happened  to you today.  My response was I got to go 7 hrs without having her vomiting.  I have to say his face was priceless he is not married and has no kids. Although I have to omit those vomit free 7 hours was spent cleaning the 5 loads of sheets and clothes that were dirty from those wee hours in the morning.  Ugh!

I am hoping that since tomorrow is a new day hopefully it was a quick bug that will disappear and not return to effect anyone else in our family *fingers crossed*.

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