Thursday, March 3, 2011

# 50 Book Pledge Book Review: Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

So remember I am part of the #50 Book Pledge so this year I am going to reviewing ALL the books that I have been reading.  One of the books I just finished reading was Witch and Wizard and it is a new series of books by author James Patterson.  Witch and Wizard is labeled a teen novel, however I am far from being a teen and found the novel to be quite enjoyable!

Witch and Wizard tells the story of two children who are siblings, Whit and Wisty Allgood.  This is a futuristic novel, however has many similarities to historical occurrences that have happened time and time again through time.  The story begins with one of the children looking out their front window in the middle of the night to see many military men out side of their house.  Before one can comprehend what is happening their door is broken down and Whit and Wisty, who are only teens are taken from their home.  They are taken to a prison filled with many other youth and accused of being a Witch and Wizard and scared for their fate as many others have gone missing.

The New Order which is a new regime that is taking over the world as we all know it, is set on controlling everything and removing anything that it fears may cause anyone to have thoughts unlike their own.  The One Who Is The ONE (aka. the leader) has banned music, art, books anything that would allow someone self expression and youth are also something that he is riding from the world.

Being an adult reading this story I believe I took another point of view from what a teen may have, but although this book is fiction it opens your eyes to the way you see the current world.  I remember being a teen and having adults giving us looks when we would be going through a shopping mall together.  Clearly being labeled and stereotyped even before being able to speak.  Though as an adult now I have caught myself having similar thoughts so it appears to be an never ending circle.

I definitely recommend this book and I hope you get a new appreciation for ALL youth as I did.  Even if they are a Witch and Wizard! :-)

If you would like to read part of the book, but I would recommend to read it all, check out James Pattersons website!

DisclosureNo monetary compensation was received for this post.  These are my own views and opinions regarding the novel and images are property of James Pattersons website and borrowed to give readers a visual of the novel.  Enjoy Reading it! :-)

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