Thursday, March 3, 2011

# 50 Book Pledge Book Review: Witch and Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson

This novel was one of many Christmas gifts that I had received this year.  I have been reading a lot more novels (thanks to the children getting a bit older) and opening my eyes to types of books I may not normally have picked up.  I had been reading some other James Patterson novels so I was both excited and surprised to open up my present and see this book.  Reading a crime and mystery book by this same author, I was surprised when I saw the title Witch and Wizard.  It is something totally different from what I know him for so I was surprised that he had this series of books.

Personally I love reading books in order so I was sure before I read this book I was going to start off the series on the right foot!  Starting from the beginning. I have to say though if you have not read the first novel you are not thrown into this book unsure what is going on.  The books perfectly updates you so even if you have forgotten about what has happened or were not aware at all you are informed without any confusion.

This novel continues on the journey of what Whit and Wisty Allgood are going through.  They managed to escaped from the clutches of The New Order, but barely.  They almost died in the escape and now they are part of a community that is hiding from the ruling regime, a community of youth.  These youth are doing everything in the power to remain free and hidden.  They are willing to sacrifice their own lives to save other youth that have been captured by The New Order.  The fate for those captured is either torture, brain washing, vaporized (literally) or all of the above.  Through this journey the Allgoods are also going through their own personal challenges as they are learning more about "The Gift" that they did not even know they had all well on a mission to get reunited with their parents.

This book like the first was easy to read and I did not want to put it down.  Which is why I was able to finish it so quickly.  It was a fast paced book and I liked in this book we got to read also from The One Who Is The One's point of view.  I am looking forward to getting Witch and Wizard: Battle for Shadowland which is currently available and the next book in the series!

Definitely this series is a must read and if you would like to check out an excerpt from this novel check out James Pattersons website

DisclosureNo monetary compensation was received for this post.  These are my own views and opinions regarding the novel and images are property of James Pattersons website and borrowed to give readers a visual of the novel.  Enjoy Reading it! :-)


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I LOVE james patterson!

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love his books
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