Sunday, February 1, 2015

We Love When It Is #GameNight In Our Home!

Games are kind of a big deal in our home.  We own electronics but I love the interaction and the quality time that I get to have with my kids when we have a #GameNight.  We own a lot of different board games.  Some are from when I was younger, but I do have to admit most of the games we have are not children friendly.  I do not mean that they have inappropriate words or are for only adults, but as my children are only 6 and 8 they need games that are suitable for the attention spans.

Some nights #GameNight can get pretty tough in our house.  My kids love to play til there is a winner and if it takes and hour to find out who the winner is then I guarantee there might be some tears when we have someone who does not win.  This is one of the reasons why up until I received the Monopoly Junior game to review I had never opened up our classic monopoly game to play with the family.  I knew it would not end well. 

I have to say we loved playing Monopoly Junior!  The game was perfect for both of my girls.  The rules were basic enough that the kids could understand without being constantly reminded and entertaining enough that us adults had fun as well.  Every time that we play the girls ask to play multiple games and I love how much fun we have together.  The only issue is I need to figure out how to make the game work in my favor as I seem to loose the most :-(

Do you have a favorite Hasbro game that you love to play? 

Views expressed are 100% those of Two Children and a Migraine and have not been influenced in anyway.  I was supplied with a game for review purposes only and no compensation was received for this post.

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