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The Color of Evil Book Tour #50bookpledge

About the book:

Tad McGreevy has a power that he has never revealed, not even to his life-long best friend, Stevie Scranton. When Tad looks at others, he sees colors. These auras tell Tad whether a person is good or evil. At night, Tad dreams about the evil-doers, reliving their crimes in horrifyingly vivid detail.
But Tad doesn’t know if the evil acts he witnesses in his nightmares are happening now, are already over, or are going to occur in the future. He has no control over the horrifying visions. He has been told (by his parents) never to speak of his power. All Tad knows is that he wants to protect those he loves. And he wants the bad dreams to stop.

At Tad’s eighth birthday party (April 1, 1995) in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the clown his parents hire to entertain Tad’s third-grade classmates is one of the bad people. Pogo, the Killer Clown (aka Michael Clay) is a serial killer. So begins 53 nights of terror as Tad relives Pogo’s crime, awakens screaming, and recites the terrifying details to his disbelieving family. The situation becomes so dire that Tad is hospitalized in a private institution under the care of a psychiatrist–who also does not believe the small boy’s stories.
And then the police arrest Pogo, the Killer Clown.

Flash forward to the beginning of Tad’s junior year in high school, 8 years later. Tad is 16 and recovered from the spring of his third-grade year. When Michael Clay was caught and imprisoned, the crime spree ended and so did Tad’s bad dreams.

Until now, in the year of our Lord 2003, when evil once again stalks the land.

This is a terrifying, intense story of the dark people and places that lurk just beneath the surface of seemingly normal small-town America. As one reviewer says, “Wilson nails the darkness beneath the surface of small-town Midwestern life with an intense story based on fact.”
Tad must wage a silent war against those who would harm the ones he loves. A battle to the death.

My Thoughts:

If you have been following my blog for a while you will see that I am an avid reader and I read a large range of books.  I do read crime books and watch crime shows, though I always make sure I have a range of books in between.  As a child I always had an active imagination and this can also come to haunt me in my adult years especially when reading a really good book that is written and takes over my mind.  The Color Of Evil by Connie Corcoran Wilson is definitely one of these books. 

The Color Of Evil has a lot going on with it and there are a lot of characters in it.  Some times I found my self soo sucked into the book that I did not want to set it down.  It definitely reminded me of a puzzle where I was constantly thinking and trying to put the pieces together.  It is not a difficult read by any means, but the author also does not dumb down her writing for the readers which I appreciate.  Being a busy mom I love books that let me relax and escape from reality a bit.  I do have to say I always came back after reading the book a little bit happier that my life is not as chaotic as Tad's. 

Personally, I thought having Pogo, The Killer Clown as the serial killer was brilliant.  The author was able to touch on a childhood figure that many of the readers, as children, have been scared of or currently have children that are.  This allows the reader to relate to the story and understand that maybe those fears can be justifiable.  All I know is that I will never look at a clown the same way again.  I also know I am thankful that I can not see anyone's aura.  This may mean that I may be deceived by the next clown at a birthday party, but at least I will sleep until then.  I wouldn't want anyone to have to experience what Tad has in his life.  We all just have to remember the age old sayings  Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover and Ignorance is Bliss

If your looking for a new Horror book to take away for the long weekend or to read over the summer then you must check out The Color Of Evil

Want to learn more about the author?  Check out her website HERE

Happy Reading!!!

I was provided an e-book for review purposes though all the views expressed are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way!  -Not even by Pogo, The Killer Clown.

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