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Book Tour: Angel Eyes Review #50bookpledge

I adore Fantasy books...  This is not something I have always known about myself, but I have to say now that I have read my fair share of fantasy books I love them.  Although there is always a catch.  I love romance books as well, so if you are looking for someone to read a fantasy book with a bit of romance then I am your girl!!

Through Litfuse Publicity Group I was given the opportunity to apply to be part of the this blog tour and by the description I was so interested in the book Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore.  I bet you are wanting to find out a bit about this great book.

About the book:

Once you've seen, you can't unsee. Everything changes when you've looked at the world through . . .Angel Eyes

Brielle went to the city to chase her dreams and found tragedy instead. She's come home to shabby little Stratus, Oregon, to live with her grief and her guilt . . . and the incredible, numbing cold she can't seem to shake.

Jake's the new guy at school. The boy next door with burning hands and an unbelievable gift that targets him for corruption.

Something more than fate has brought them together. An evil bigger than both of them lurks in the shadows nearby, hiding in plain sight. Two angels stand guard, unsure what's going to happen. And a beauty brighter than Jake or Brielle has ever seen is calling them to join the battle in a realm where all human choices start.

A realm that only angels and demons-and Brielle-can perceive.

So are you intrigued???  I have to say right off I am in no ways a overly religious person.  I have my faith and my beliefs and would never push them onto anyone else and wholeheartedly accept anyone who may not have the same beliefs as myself.  I do not know if it is something that comes with age, but I find I am always finding out how little I really do know.  Religion is definitely one of those topics that I have to say I am always learning about and searching for my own truth.  Without a doubt I can say books just like Angel Eyes open my eyes to what could be happening around us and who are really the true players.

Unless you live in a bubble it is evident to all humans that there is good and evil in the world.  Really I don't know if you have turned on the news lately, but sometimes there seems to be more evil then good.  This is true in the book as well.  Brielle has had her share of pain and losses in her short life.  Prior to this pain she would be the girl that everyone loved to hate.  Brielle is gorgeous, talented and loved by all.  She would seem perfect, but as many of us know there really is not such thing as being perfect.  If anyone should had lost faith it would be completely understandable that Brielle may no longer have any and really no one would blame her.  Brielles pain is so evident in that it chills her to the bone and she feels as though she deserves it and will never be warm again.  If that is not enough she has night terrors and tries to put on a smile and make sure everyone thinks she is fine, but she is failing. She lives in a town where everyone knows everyone and the new kid would does not blend in and would stick out.  This is where dear old Jake come in!

I have to say I adored Jake from the beginning all the way until the end.  Sure he is good looking as well, but whats most important is he's different and I mean really different.  Jake has a gift that makes him seem from out of this world, but reality is he is 100% with otherworldly talents.  Being the new kid in school it does seem odd how much he cares for Brielle and wants her to be safe and happy, though as you read on you realize this is no coincidence at all.  As the two of these character grow closer together it is apparent that the evil is growing as well around them.  We are shown that good and evil come in many different forms and looks and what we appear to be good or evil may not always.  The book also teaches us that we are all players in this game called life and it can change in a moments notice. 

I do not want to give away any spoilers, but do feel that this book is a great read for all YA readers as well as those who are not YA.  The writing was intriguing and though provoking and I was drawn into the book and loved reading it from cover to cover.  I am looking forward to the additional books by Shannon Dittemore and the rest of the Angel Eyes Trilogy.

I know I am  not alone with loving this book be sure to check out what others think of Angel Eyes

The views expressed in this review are 100% my own and have not been influenced in anyway.  I received a book for review purposes.

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Shannon Dittemore said...

Jayda! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Angel Eyes. I'm so glad you liked it! And your blog is awesome! What a fun layout and title. Awesome.