Thursday, April 5, 2012

Save on a UK Cottage Holiday

The days are getting longer now, and every so often there is a faint glimmer of warm sun. If you’re anything like me then this is starting to put you in a summer type of mood, and what does summer mean? Holidays! If you haven’t started planning for family summer holiday then why not consider taking a cottage holiday in the UK? Too expensive you say? Let me give you some tips to make a UK holiday affordable.

Flights are one of the biggest costs on a family holiday, but there are some ways to save on airfare. Try to be flexible with the dates that you wish to travel – changing your departure and arrival by just one day can sometimes make a huge difference in cost. Also, consider flying mid week as this tends to be less expensive then the popular weekend days. One final tip is to consider a charter company, like A Canadian Affair or Thomas Cook. Though you may not get all of the modern conveniences in the cabin with a charter, like seat back screens and gourmet meals, you will make savings and you can always bring a few sandwiches along!

The next biggest cost to you will be accommodation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that hotels are the only way to go. A popular holiday accommodation option in the UK is to rent a self catering holiday cottage, which is both economical and great for families. With a holiday cottage you will get more space than any hotel room could offer, and you’ll be able to make your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen. To make even more savings you can look for last minute cottages online, like Here you’ll find a great range of holiday cottages throughout the UK and Ireland all at reasonable prices.

One last way to make some savings on your holiday is to book activities in advance online. Lots of attractions offer great discounts for doing nothing more than reserving your tickets online, and this also often lets you bypass the long ticket line-up. It’s a win, win really! Just do some research in advance and check out the websites, you never know what savings you’ll find!

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Little Miss Kate said...

ohhh you are making me want to plan a vacation!!! I would love to travel back to the UK, the last and only time I was there I was only able to stay for 1 day.

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I would love to get away! Sounds like fun.

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