Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be part of the Princess Revolution!

Okay, Can I say I absolutely ADORE being a mom to two wonderful princesses!!  I was never really a girly, girl...Well, to be honest I am not now either.  However, having two little girls that are princess obsessed this had me be a Princess in training with them.  I just wish that when I was the age my girls are I had someone as cool and fun as Moey!  I remember when growing up if someone called you a princess, it was not a good thing.  Though I do find today's princesses are different and so is the word itself. This is all thanks to artists like Melissa Levis aka the lead singer of Moey's Music Party.

Moey's Music Party is a NYC based award-winning children's entertainer and will be releasing their new 15-track CD, Princess Revolution.  You can get your own copy starting on April 24th during the first National Princess Week.  The CD is available for SRP $13.98 for CD and $9.99 for download.

"Princess Revolution! is a girl-power concept album that celebrates the exuberant, can-do spirit inherent in all girls. It builds on the success of Moey’s Music Party’s CD/DVD 2011 release, Happily Ever Moey! A Fairy Tale Lark in Central Park (winner of Parents' Choice, NAPPA, Kids First, and Creative Child awards, and named a Top 10 product at Toy Fair 2012).  Princess Revolution! includes modern musical re-tellings of classic fairy tales, such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “The Princess and the Pea,” and “Snow White.”  The original songs promote confidence, leadership, and joyful self-expression. "

I have to say at the first listen my girls adored the CD.  The case caught their eyes right away and it went straight on.  Really anything that is adorable and pink like this CD case will be loved by any girl under age 8.  Honestly, I am WAY over that age and I loved it as well.  Then you will not believe the songs when you hear them.  They are not your traditional princess songs in anyway.  They are fun, feminine and empowering!  They definitely can make you proud to be a princess!  I do not want to give that much away as I truly believe all princesses should get a CD like this for their own!  I really do love the lyrics in Moey's songs!

Head on over and get yourself the CD for the princess in your life and you can even get a FREE download of one of Moey's great songs at CDBaby.

Do not forget that the CD will be available on April 24th for you to purchase and be sure to stop by my blog again on April 25th for Winning Wednesday.  In honor of National Princess Week one lucky reader will get the chance to enter to win their own copy of Princess Revolution.

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