Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday hops!


This blog hop is all about having fun, meeting new bloggers, building new readership and sharing your brand of weird with the world. So, please make sure you follow the rules. It is important to make a post on your blog with the blog hop button to make new potential readers comfortable and to make it easy for them to find the correct

place to respond! Also, make sure you follow everyone back that takes the time to follow you! Lastly, don't be shy (you are free2bu here), share your brand of weird with us and follow as many people as you like!

Alright something weird about me.... I have never really been into traditional breakfast meals. Sue I do eat them but if in a rush I'd eat whatever I was feeling like and normally it would be cold. My mom still bugs me about eating cold pork chops when in high-school. Guess who still does some days :-)

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Mary said...

New follower! Would love you to follow back!