Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out to lunch!

Sadly I have not had a lot of time lately to blog about some of the great things that have been going on in my life.  Of course there have been a  lot of not so good things, but I think we as a society tend to focus too much on the negative and not so much on the positive!

One of the biggest things right now it that my eldest daughter Miss J has started full day kindergarten!  I have to be honest and say that I am still trying to adjust to this new schedule.  I think the kids  have adjusted a lot better then me. :-)  Miss J will be 4 December 1st and her school was one of the schools  in our province that has started full day kindergarten.   She goes from 830-300 M-F and I am happy to say she LOVES it!  Shes a very friendly kid so I was not too worried about her liking it or not, I was more worried about the full day.

First off I give my children naps, my girls are 21 months apart and I found this was such a important part of the day because when they were smaller this was the only time mommy got to rest and do some other things around the house if needed.  Of course us mommy's know there is ALWAYS something that needs to get done in the  So now with Miss J being  in school full days that meant that I had to have my youngest napping and up by 240 the latest so I could get her sister.  This is not always so easy as if we are out running errands I have to always make sure we are home in enough time to do lunch and  allow her enough time to sleep...and me to get supper started.

The second part about me getting worried falls back onto me..yet again.  I am not sure if you are seeing the trend here, but it seems like I am the biggest problem :-)  With my eldest going to school full days and I work evenings outside of the home I do not get to see her for as much as I would love to in a day.  Yes, if I had a choice I would keep them this age forever and we would not age.  Heck, I wouldn't mind myself going back a few years in age :-)

I do have to say the one thing that I am loving so much about this is that I am able to spend a lot more one on one time with my youngest.  Miss K just turned two yesterday and with her sister being in school a few weeks now I have just figured out my youngest LOVES to shop.  She is always asking if we go out if we are going to go shopping and she truly does not care what store we go to.  Before shopping trips were not always so much fun as trying to entertain two kids in a store is not as much fun as most seem to think.  I honestly do not know the last time I went to a store and bought shoes for myself prior to my eldest being in school!  Guess what I can't say that anymore.  In one morning I managed to go to 3 stores with my youngest and that same morning find shoes for a wedding that I am in next month.   I can not say in words how excited I was (not to mention that I found shoes for $13.00).

Well that is just one of the great things that has been going on in my world lately and I can not wait until I have some time to share what else :-)

I have some pictures I'll share from her first day of school....I just have to find the camera :-)


Shairbearg said...

My oldest goes 1/2 days, and I am still adjusting to that. He is not as social as your Miss J, so it has been tough on me to watch. Also with it being a 1/2 day, I drop him off and pick him up, and by the time I get home for the naps the other boys don't get very long. My middle one doesn't like trying to nap with his brother at school he is very worried about him. Which also has been hard on me :(

Anonymous said...

Things have been about that crazy in our house too. I have one in first grade and the other in pre - school. We have all day kindergarten here as well. It keeps them busy but seems like such a long day for the little ones.